Workout Plan #1

If you’ve never really worked out before or you’re trying to get back on the fitness horse, it can be confusing or intimidating to know where to actually begin. When you’re beginning a fitness program, it’s easy to become carried away and jump into a crazy-intense routine. But that’s not always the right strategy. You may become frustrated by exercises your body simply isn’t able to perform at this stage. Jumping head-first (or, rather, feet-first) into a routine that’s too advanced may frustrate you and end up making you want to quit before you get a single workout under your belt. What’s more, you can injure yourself by pushing your body too hard, too quickly. Use the guide below to get started on building a routine that works best for you. Alternate between upper and lower body while also mixing in full-body circuit days and high-intensity cardio.

Rest Days
A rest day is crucial for both recovery and progress. We recommended remaining inactive or if you are up to it, taking an active recovery day at least once a week. If you’re too tired to complete a workout with good form, take an additional rest day. Active recovery days would include Llight activity (such aslike a gentle yoga class, a long walk, an easy swim, or a leisurely bike ride. , etc.) is always encouraged on rest days, but only if you’re up for it.

Workouts are meant to be done at a comfortably hard pace. To figure out what your effort should be, think of a 10-point scale, where 1 is full rest, 10 is going as hard as you can, and 5 is a moderate pace which allows you to carry on conversation. When beginning a workout routine you should be going at about a 7 and recovering at about a 3. If you’re new to working out, try working at a 6 and recovering at a 2; as always, listen to your body.

Weight Selection
Lifting weights will challenge and change your body for the better, helping to increase lean body mass, decrease fat, and enhance self-confidence. To get started aim for a weight that will fatigue your muscles in 8 – 12 reps. If you are new to weight training start small and work your way up to heavier weights. Don’t be afraid of the heavier weights; women don’t have the hormone profile necessary for bulking up.

The number of reps you do is just as important as the weight you pick. If you want to build muscle go for 5-12 reps per set, and 12-20 if you are going for muscle endurance and weight loss.

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