The Spa at Total Woman

As much as we’d like to, we can’t make you take the time for yourself that you deserve, but we can definitely make that essential “me time” a lot easier to come by.

Open to members and non-members alike, the Spa at Total Woman is your escape from life’s everyday stresses. It’s an opportunity to leave your worries at the door (and your children at our on-site Kids Club) and enjoy total rejuvenation in a warm and inviting environment.

Here you can feel confident that you'll receive a resort-quality experience where you can comfortably unwind after a busy day, restore tired muscles after a hard workout, or simply sit back and enjoy the healing energy of our soothing atmosphere.

We offer a wide array of face and body treatments that not only delight your senses from head-to-toe, but are essential to a complete wellness regimen:

  • Benefits of Massage: Exercise breaks down muscle tissue that leaves you sore while it rebuilds. Massage eases that muscle soreness and expedites the healing process by supporting the delivery of fresh oxygen to your muscles and the removal of cellular waste.

  • Benefits of Face & Body Treatments: Your skin is the largest organ in the body, and just like your heart it needs exercise. Facials and body treatments not only cleanse and detoxify the skin, but they deliver nutrients that condition, strengthen, and hydrate from the outside in.

At Total Woman we believe that self-care is essential to your physical and mental wellbeing. It equips you to take on life’s endless obstacles, and allows you to show up wherever needed as the strongest, healthiest version of yourself. 

Whether you join our club or simply want 60 minutes of peaceful relaxation, stop by the Spa and let us take care of you.


Day of Treatment Access
Every Spa treatment includes access to:

+ Gym and Group Fitness Classes (Yoga, Zumba, Pilates,
   Cycling, and more)

+ Sauna and Steam Rooms

+ On-site Kids Club

+ Premier Skin and Beauty products

+ Private lockers

+ Plush robes and slippers

Please allow a minimum of fifteen minutes to prepare for all appointments, more if you wish to enjoy the facilities prior to your treatment. The length of your treatment will be affected if you arrive late.

Spa Attire
Wear what is most comfortable for you as you will be properly draped to ensure your complete comfort and privacy


Signature Touches
It’s those little things that make the difference. Total Woman Spa features unique signature touches, including our signature aromatherapy scents that are used in every treatment.

+ Good Karma – This wonderful smelling blend helps to create a sense of well-being, balance, and positivity.

+ Relaxation – This unique and exceptional blend is designed specifically to create total relaxation.

Memberships are not required to experience our spa, but members do enjoy additional benefits. Learn more by visiting our Memberships page, or by speaking to a membership representative at your nearest Total Woman location.

Although we understand that our lives often have unexpected situations please understand that we have reserved an appointment especially for you. If you need to cancel we ask that you do so 24-hours prior to your scheduled appointment time. Any appointments not cancelled 24-hours in advance will be charged a $25 cancellation fee. A credit card number will be required when booking your appointment.

Visit our Menu of Services page to learn more about the variety of spa treatments available for you to enjoy!