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Fiona Flumian

Lead personal Trainer
SPECIALTIES:TRX, Group Fitness: Bootcamp
MY TRAINING PHILOSOPHY IS:There isn’t just one way to train, there are many. I help my clients find exactly what works the best for them. I challenge my clients, get them uncomfortable so that they can break their plateau and get faster results.
MY TRAINING STYLE IS:No body is the same. Everyone responds differently. I tailor my training style to the need of every client. No workout is easy with me but you will leave the session proud and accomplished.


Ashley Walker

Elite Pilates Instructor EDUCATION:M.A. in Health Education CERTIFICATIONS:NASM, Pilates SPECIALTIES:TRX, Pilates MY TRAINING PHILOSOPHY IS:I believe each body is unique, so I approach my clients with an open mind. Each person is an expert of their own body and it is the trainers role to provide the support & guidance needed to reach their health and wellness goals. MY TRAINING STYLE IS:I like to challenge my clients with safe and effective programming.


Shilpa Gohil

Personal Trainer
CERTIFICATIONS:ACSM SPECIALTIES: Circuit Training, HIIT, TRX, Group Exercise: Insanity, Intervals TRAINING PHILOSOPHY: To inspire, motivate and develop strategies for a healthy lifestyle. Combination of strength, physical endurance, flexibility and rest helps you to establish a healthy attitude towards you well-being. It’s all about setting realistic goals and making exercise fun, yet challenging for all fitness levels. I modify workouts according to client fitness levels and goals. TRAINING STYLE: I like to keep pushing my clients toward their goal. I concentrate on form and technique as they are key to efficiency. I also believe in lifting weights to help client’s reach goals faster. Working out should be fun! A workout with me will leave you energetic and ready to take on the world.


Mary Koos

Personal Trainer
CERTIFICATIONS:NASM SPECIALTIES:TRX, Corrective Exercise Specialist MY TRAINING PHILOSOPHY IS:Organize your priorities and set reasonable time frames for your progress and always stay positive. Let nothing stop you. Not fear, not self-doubt, not excuses. Stay focused and committed. MY TRAINING STYLE IS:I like variety. I always strive to challenge my clients in a safe and effective way.