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Ashley Bulik

Fitness Manager + Personal Trainer
EDUCATION:Degrees in Medical Assisting and Culinary
CERTIFICATIONS:NASM, Peak Pilates, TRX Suspension Training
SPECIALTIES:Pilates, TRX, Cycle, Group Exercise: Bodyblast, HIIT, Bosu Blast, Bootcamp
MY TRAINING PHILOSOPHY IS:Less is more; simpler is better.
MY TRAINING STYLE IS:I progress my clients gradually. This training style reduces the risk of injury, it keeps them motivated and decreases “burnout.”

Danielle Cifelli

Personal Trainer
EDUCATION:PsyD in Food Science & Nutrition; Degree in Culinary Arts
MY TRAINING PHILOSOPHY IS:Work hard & have fun.
MY TRAINING STYLE IS:Challenging but appropriate to skill level and goals.


Irina Osmolvska

Personal Trainer
CERTIFICATIONS:ACE, Medical Doctor, Belarusian State Medical University SPECIALTIES:Nutrition, Weight Management, Therapeutic MY TRAINING PHILOSOPHY IS IS:A workout should be something where you walk away feeling great and eager to put in consistent effort and gain them ost sustainable results. MY TRAINING STYLE IS:My approach is to dig into the needs of the client and piece together a program that works best for them.

Galit Yativ

Personal Trainer CERTIFICATIONS:ISSA, ASFA, B.A. in Middle Eastern Studies SPECIALTIES:Senior Fitness, TRX, Strongboard MY TRAINING PHILOSOPHY IS:One of the most important things for a session to be (besides professional) is fun! When the client is having fun, she will keep coming back to train. MY TRAINING STYLE IS:I believe that each client should have their own way of training according to her needs and goals. I'm here to change you!


Marissa Carlotta

Personal Trainer
EDUCATION:BS in Kinesiology w/Minor in Nutrition
SPECIALTIES:Nutrition, Strength & Conditioning, TRX


Cynthia Morquecho

Personal Trainer EDUCATION:AA in Child Psychology and Child Development CERTIFICATIONS:ACE SPECIALTIES:Functional Training, Strength & Conditioning MY TRAINING PHILOSOPHY IS:Form over anything! MY TRAINING STYLE IS:Anything from aerobic training and circuit training to my absolute favorite heavy lifting.