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Ashley Lucky

Fitness Manager
MY TRAINING PHILOSOPHY IS:The bigger the better. When in doubt go heavier. Consistency builds results! MY TRAINING STYLE IS:High intensity fun training. High heart rate with results.

Teresa Humpherys

Personal Trainer
MY TRAINING PHILOSOPHY IS:I believe people should feel successful at what they're doing whether it is a squat or plank or anything else. When people feel successful they will continue making progress. MY TRAINING STYLE IS:Motivating. I like to challenge people while being motivational at the same time.


Rhea Morales

Personal Trainer
CERTIFICATIONS:ACE SPECIALTIES:Bosu, Core Strngth, Cycle, Functional Training, Nutrition, Pilates, Senior Fitness, Special Populations, Strength & Conditioning, TRX, Weight Management, Therapeutic Exercise, Yoga, Group Exercise: Body Blast, Cycle, Yoga, Mat Pilates, Core, Bootcamp, CSI, Kickboxing. Certified water arthritis, taichi, alexander technique.
MY TRAINING PHILOSOPHY IS: Half science, half intuition. Personal training should be 100% tailored to the individual's goals, needs, personality and potential by an expert who understands behavior and exercise science. MY TRAINING STYLE IS:I draw from my knowledge of exercise science, sports nutrition, and mind body techniques such as chi kung and yoga to find the best approach for the individual client.

Laura Christy

Personal Trainer EDUCATION:B.S. in Exercise Science CERTIFICATIONS:NESTA SPECIALTIES:Cycle, Functional Training, HIIT, Kickboxing, Pre/Post-Natal, Recovery & Flexibility, Senior Fitness, Special Populations MY TRAINING PHILOSOPHY IS:Make your gym experience fun! Hard work and dedication always pays off. MY TRAINING STYLE IS:Based on each individual client’s goals and physical abilities.


Brigitte Press

Elite Personal Trainer
SPECIALTIES:Bosu, Kettlebells, Circuit Training, TRX, Orthopedic, Strength & Conditioning, Shoulder Stabilization, Knee & Hip Placement
MY TRAINING PHILOSOPHY IS:Educating my clients and coach them to their personal best.
MY TRAINING STYLE IS:Personalize towards each person's goals and mobility needs, specializing in geriatrics and injury recovery.