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Andrea Neumann

Fitness Manager + Elite Personal Trainer
CERTIFICATIONS:NASM, Health & Fitness Inc: Personal Training and Pilates Certification
SPECIALTIES:Functional Training, Nutrition, Pilates, Special Populations, TRX, Certified Nurses Assistant
MY TRAINING PHILOSOPHY IS:Make exercise a part of your life every day, then it will become a lifestyle and you will enjoy all the benefits that a fit lifestyle has to offer.
MY TRAINING STYLE IS:I teach my clients to first focus on proper technique. My focus is to build strength, endurance, and flexibility with emphasis on proper nutrition

Gina Cerato

Pilates Trainer
SPECIALTIES:Bosu, Kettlebells, Pre/Post-Natal, Pilates, Group Exercise: Cardio Barre. Balanced Body, STOTT, Studio Du Corps, Health & Spa Services
MY TRAINING PHILOSOPHY IS:Work out smarter and therapeutic, not harder
MY TRAINING STYLE IS:Classic traditional therapeutic pilates

Cathy Nickles

Personal Trainer
EDUCATION:AA in Fitness Specialist
SPECIALTIES:Bosu, Kettlebells, Senior Fitness, TRX, Group Exercise: Groove
MY TRAINING PHILOSOPHY IS:Exercise to feel good, maintain good health, and have the stamina to live life the way you choose.
MY TRAINING STYLE IS:To guide, assist, and teach you the proper form and safety on all equipment, and have fun while doing it.


Barbara Brisseno

Elite Personal Trainer
SPECIALTIES:Pilates (Pilates Method Alliance), Sports Conditioning, TRX, TRX Rip Trainer, STOTT Pilates Reformer Interval Trainer
MY TRAINING PHILOSOPHY IS:“If it is to be it is up to me.”
MY TRAINING STYLE IS:I really try to focus on technique, it’s all about control.

Katja Ellis

Personal Trainer
EDUCATION:B.A. in Public Relations
MY TRAINING PHILOSOPHY IS:Fitness is the integration of proper nutrition, exercise, behavioral change, and proper breathing.
MY TRAINING STYLE IS:I train and push according to the capabilities of each individual client. I like to push, work hard, and get results.

Jacquelin Polacek

Personal Trainer
SPECIALTIES:Bosu, Core Strength, Kettlebells, Senior Fitness, Strength & Conditioning, TRX, Weight Management, Group Exercise
MY TRAINING PHILOSOPHY IS:Fitness is a commitment to yourself, your loved ones, and the quality of your life. Exercise makes you feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally. Choosing to eat well and work hard is required to have a healthy future. My goal is to make workouts challenging and fun.
MY TRAINING STYLE IS:High intensity, circuit training, interval training and strength training.


Debra Carr

Elite Personal Trainer
SPECIALTIES:Kettlebells, Nutrition, STOTT Pilates, TRX, Weight Management, YogaFit, Medical Exercise Specialist, Corrective Exercise, Weight Management, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Group Fitness: Yoga, Pilates
MY TRAINING PHILOSOPHY IS:“If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.”
Strength training is the key to slowing the aging process and managing most conditions that affect the body.
MY TRAINING STYLE IS:Circuit, HIIT, and focused on strength, power, muscle building and post-rehabilitation.

Sarina Gruen

Elite Personal Trainer CERTIFICATIONS:ISSA SPECIALTIES:Bosu, Kettlebells, Nutrition, Pilates, Special Populations, Sports Conditioning, Strength & Conditioning, TRX, Yoga MY TRAINING PHILOSOPHY IS:I love motivating people to reach their goals by creating an atmosphere where they have an enjoyable and enthusiastic approach to fitness and nutrition. MY TRAINING STYLE IS:I enjoy doing various methods of training - circuit, tabata, HIIT and results strength training using bands, bosu, and kettlebells