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Christie Naumann

Fitness Manager + Personal Trainer
EDUCATION:B.S. in Recreation Management w/Fitness Concentration
CERTIFICATIONS:ACE; Certificate III & IV in Fitness – Fitness Institute Australia
SPECIALTIES:Kettlebells, Kickboxing, TRX, Group Exercise
MY TRAINING PHILOSOPHY IS:Not one person is the same, so it is important for me to get to know each individual client and their goals. Together we design a program that is realistic and specific and suits your lifestyle.
MY TRAINING STYLE IS:Variety and technique are key when it comes to training my clients. I like to have fun and mix it up with a variety of different goal specific exercises, while ensuring proper technique and form. After each session I like my clients to be able to leave knowing that they have worked to the best of their ability and feel confident knowing that they are one step closer to their goal.

Marcia McMackin

Personal Trainer + Pilates Instructor EDUCATION:B.A. in Exercise Science, Health, Nutrition; Minor in Business; 2 Year Pilates Certification CERTIFICATIONS:AFAA, ISCA, ACE SPECIALTIES:Nutrition, Senior Fitness, Pre / Post-Natal, Pilates, Strength & Conditioning, Weight Management, Chopra: Yoga, Perfect Health Coach, Perfect Weight Coach, MY TRAINING PHILOSOPHY IS:Each body is unique and beautiful, with its own strengths and vulnerabilities. With every client I select exercises that restore and renew the balance, strength, and integrity of the body. This results in improved posture, leaner, stronger, agile muscles, vibrant health, and an inner glow. The mind, body, and emotions relax, fitness improves, health and happiness grow; you and your life become more beautiful. MY TRAINING STYLE IS:Individualized. I enjoy combining both my Pilates Training and weight training with the super slow training. During this process the smallest muscle filaments are recruited creating greater definition and strength within the muscles. Working slowly and mindfully is safer, more effective and restorative to your mind, body, and well-being.


Tracy Cohn

Personal Trainer CERTIFICATIONS:NASM MY TRAINING PHILOSOPHY IS:About creating a gentle and connected approach to fitness that combines the body, mind and spirit MY TRAINING STYLE IS:Is developing exercises that incorporate balance, strength, flexibility, and cardio. By following this style of training I believe that a healthy and balanced foundation is optimally achieved.

Rachel Roberts

Personal Trainer
EDUCATION:B.S. in Kinesiology
CERTIFICATIONS:ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist SPECIALTIES:Prenatal & Postpartum Fitness, Stretching, Corrective Exercise
MY TRAINING PHILOSOPHY IS:Exercise is a celebration of what your body can do! We all have different experiences with exercise, but making the choice to pursue fitness, regardless of your starting point, is an opportunity to develop physically and mentally. I encourage my clients in gratitude and joy for their own capabilities as we work together to foster personal health! MY TRAINING STYLE IS:Developing a program that is customized to not only client's needs, but to their interests, is extremely important to me. Each client has unique preferences as well as a unique physiological background. My programs generally include plenty of core work, variety, and feedback to tailor programs that are enjoyable and effective!


Hannah Jordan

Personal Trainer + Pilates Instructor
EDUCATION:B.S. in Nursing CERTIFICATIONS:NASM SPECIALTIES:Corrective Exercise Specialist MY TRAINING PHILOSOPHY IS:Consistently address clients goals and needs. Train safely. Educate on Proper form. MY TRAINING STYLE IS:Systematic following NASM model.


Sherri Shovers

Personal Trainer
EDUCATION:B.S. Criminal Justice/Psychology
CERTIFICATIONS:Ace Personal Training SPECIALTIES:Ace Post Orthopedic Rehab Training, TRX Team Level 2, TRX Sports Medicine Level 2, TRX - Functional Training
MY TRAINING PHILOSOPHY IS:To listen to each client’s fitness goal with compassion and form a program that is unique to them and gradually increase the intensity in a safe and fun environment. It is important to make correct assessments regarding alignment, balance and strength to address strengths and weakness in the beginning and throughout training.
MY TRAINING STYLE IS:To use your own body weight with select tools (bosu balance trainer, stability balls, kettle bells, etc.) to work your whole body to become fit while training with me as well as on your own. I am most passionate about the TRX (suspension training system) because it works your whole body, especially the core. In one session you will get cardio, flexibility, core, strength, balance stretching and even some yoga. It’s fun and challenging at the same time!