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Indoor Cycling Routines: Spin Classes

Indoor cycling is a great way to get a dynamic workout that pumps up your heart rate and torches calories. Simulating an outdoor ride – yet held in the safety of a cycle studio or group fitness classroom – indoor cycling classes are great for “riders” of levels. Your instructor will guide the ride, but ultimately you control your resistance and cadence (how fast you pedal). Cycling classes sound daunting at first, but they are a ton of fun! Once you experience the energy in the room, and your booty acclimates to the seat, you’ll be a rider for life.

Indoor cycling classes incorporate sprints, hill climbs, and other natural terrains, so you can get a great cycling workout no matter what the season. Your experienced trainer will call out directions and encourage you through each phase of class, from the warm-up to most intense climb or sprint, and finally to the cool-down. This high-energy interval training keeps you entertained because the intensity and challenge levels in an indoor cycling class change constantly. 

Indoor cycling is a low-impact exercise that targets your butt, legs and abdominal muscles at the same time, helping you build strength and endurance. You’ll also build mental and emotional strength as you learn how to push past the difficult parts of the ride. But even during the hardest parts of a cycling class, the format of indoor cycling is easy to follow. Even if you feel like you’re off your game, it won’t be obvious because you’re in control of your pace and your bike’s resistance setting. As long as you’re still on your bike and pedaling, you can’t fall behind. From your first indoor cycling class, you’ll be able to work out with the most experienced indoor cycling students, and still make the class as challenging as you choose. All you need to be able to do is follow your trainer’s instructions.

Indoor cycling classes are great for groups of women who enjoy the supportive atmosphere of a group class, but appreciate the ability to control their output and pace. Regardless of how you feel, you’ll be inspired by the energy and determination of other women in class, helping you stay motivated and work your hardest. Even when you don’t feel like working out, indoor cycling classes keep you entertained with upbeat music and varied routines that make sure you’ll never get bored.

Our cycling class instructors look forward to leading you in an invigorating ride in one of our indoor cycling studios. No matter what your fitness level, we can help you reach your health goals and feel great about the effort you put into your exercise routine. Come join us at Total Woman Gym + Spa for one of our indoor cycling classes today!


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