At Total Woman Gym + Spa we take great pride in the diversity and breadth of our group fitness classes – and so do our members. Group fitness is the heart and soul of our clubs. From Indoor Cycling and Boot Camp to Zumba and Yoga, nowhere in the gym is the passion of our community felt more than in the Group Fitness Studio.

Group fitness classes at Total Woman range in intensity from the smooth, deliberate movements of Pilates to the fast-paced, power-building drills in Boot Camp – giving your body everything it needs for a balanced fitness regimen. All classes are led by encouraging and knowledgeable certified instructors, and are appropriate for all levels. You’ll find yourself building strong muscles – and strong bonds – in every class.

Ready to begin? Find a location below to view the group fitness class schedule at a club near you. Class schedules vary by club, and each has a slightly different class assortment. 

Group Fitness Classes

Cardio Kick
Cardio Kick pairs traditional kickboxing movements with bursts of strength and cardio intervals to tone your muscles and get your heart rate up. This class amps up the fun in your fitness routine and improves cardiovascular endurance, strength and coordination, and reduces stress. 

Pilates is a foundational class that builds core strength and stability through a series of low-impact movements that activate small and large muscle groups alike. This class helps you develop long, lean muscles while improving flexibility, balance and posture. 

Inspired by various styles of Latin American dance, Zumba is the cardio dance party that makes you forget you’re working out in the first place. This full-body workout is a fun, empowering (and maybe a little sexy) way to burn calories and get your heart rate up.

Designed for speed and efficacy, H.I.I.T. workouts involve a series of short, maximum-effort bursts of activity followed by brief periods of recovery. This class emphasizes compound movements (think squats and lunges) and bodyweight exercises, giving you a great workout with minimal equipment. 

BODYSHRED is a unique class designed by celebrity trainer Jillian Michaels. This workout leverages her 3-2-1 interval approach to training – three minutes of strength training, two minutes of cardio work, and one minute of abs – to give you a heart-pumping, strength-inducing, endurance-building workout that transforms your body from head to toe. 

Yoga is an accessible exercise that combines mindful movement with breath. There are many styles and yoga on our schedule, ranging from mellow and restorative to vigorous, but all have a similar intention – to bring you into your body, reduce stress, and improve strength and flexibility. 

Indoor Cycling
Indoor Cycling is a dynamic workout that pumps up your heart rate up, torches calories, and builds leg muscle strength and endurance. This class is taught to music and simulates an outdoor ride, meaning you will ride up and down hills, speed through flat roads, and (occasionally) coast. Riders are always in control of pedals speeds and resistance.

Boot Camp
Boot Camp combines bodyweight resistance training with speed drills, plyometrics, and cardio intervals for the ultimate heart pumping, strength building, calorie-burning experience. From circuit training to self-defence, our Boot Camp classes are inspired by a diverse range of activities and every class is different. 

Barre is a fitness class inspired by the poses and movement patterns found in classical ballet, yoga, and pilates. The pairing of high volume, short range of motion and isometric training exercises delivers a great total body workout and gets results. Barre is known to improve posture, strengthen your core, and develop long, lean muscle tissue. 

Dance It Out (D.I.O.)
Similar to Zumba, D.I.O. classes are a full-on cardio dance party. Explore a wide range of dance styles, including hip hop, Bollywood, line dancing, disco, 80’s, African, and hula, as you move, grove and get your sweat on to killer beats. This class challenges your cardiovascular system, elevates mood, and improves coordination.  

Your core is your power center and source for nearly every movement. It includes all of your abdominals muscles – internal and external obliques, transverse and rectus abdominis, as well your erector spinae and multifidus (back muscles). Our core classes target and strengthen the entire core region, giving you a strong foundation for exercise.