At Total Woman Gym + Spa we take great pride in the diversity and breadth of our group fitness classes – and so do our members. Group fitness is the heart and soul of our clubs. From Indoor Cycling and Boot Camp to Zumba and Yoga, nowhere in the gym is the passion of our community felt more than in the Group Fitness Studio.

Group fitness classes at Total Woman range in intensity from the smooth, deliberate movements of Pilates to the fast-paced, power-building drills in Boot Camp – giving your body everything it needs for a balanced fitness regimen. All classes are led by encouraging and knowledgeable certified instructors, and are appropriate for all levels. You’ll find yourself building strong muscles – and strong bonds – in every class.

Ready to begin? Find a location below to view the group fitness class schedule at a club near you. Class schedules vary by club, and each has a slightly different class assortment.