Top 5 Benefits of Sweating for the Wedding

A common misconception is that the wedding itself should be all the motivation one needs to lose weight. However, brides or no less susceptible than anyone else to finding themselves wanting to quit due to boredom, lack of desire or because results aren’t coming fast enough. The missing ingredient in most cases is motivation, which must be a vital part of a bride’s exercise plan. So, to push you that extra mile for a run, here we are sharing with you the top benefits of exercising that have nothing to do with losing weight.


Some say a good workout is the natural equivalent of a mini-facial. Exercise enhances the blood flow to your skin, and helps control the production of acne-inducing testosterone hormones like DHEA and DHT. Plus, forget about squeezing those blackheads, when we sweat, our pores open and release the grit and grime that has built up inside of them. A good sweat session will help flush out toxins before they end up leading to clogged pores and those awful 'under the skin' blemishes. Caveat: Don't just sweat and go. All of that dirt from your pores accumulates on the surface of your skin, so aim to wash your face three times a day, especially if you are constantly playing sports or working out.


Ditch the whole post-weekend juice detox plan, and instead hit the mat for a super sweat session instead. Some experts believe that sweating can flush the body of system-clogging substances like alcohol, cholesterol, and salt. To get the most bang for your bod take an indoor cycling or circuit training class — two of the sweatiest workouts.


Maybe you've already noticed — before a workout you're Bridezilla. But afterward you feel like giving everyone hugs and high fives. We’ve been hearing for years that regular activity boosts your mood, but it does much more than that. Once you get motivated, exercise can make a big difference. Working out can definitely help you relax and make you feel better, keeping anxiety and depression from coming back." How? When you exercise, neurotransmitters and endorphins that ease depression are released. Plus, you raise your body temperature, which has been shown to calm nerves. But before you think that tiny dumb bells or casual walks can give you happiness, be aware that you have to SWEAT with heavier weight training or anaerobic exertion to get the real benefit.


Just like your body, your hair too needs all that stretching and sweat. The effects of exercise have been compared to that of a deep conditioning hair treatment! The detoxifying process, that happens when we sweat, cleans out our natural hair oils making them less damaging and more hydrating. And, our hair doesn't just get softer it also gets fuller! The activity induces an increased circulation to the scalp and encourages production of special nutrients that will help avoid hair loss and even encourage growth!


The Harvard School of Public Health found that just 20 minutes of regular exercise a day can improve sexual response in women. Not only does working out leave you feeling energized, but it can also make you feel more desirable. Exercise can improve health, vitality, appearance and self-esteem; it does indeed tend to increase interest in—and capacity for—sexual activity. Increase the benefits by working out with your partner. Not only will allow you to spend time together, but it will trigger adrenaline and other feel-good hormones to get you in the mood.