Dance It Out (D.I.O.) Classes

An effective workout can take on so many forms — and at Total Woman Gym + Spa we it all. Whether you like to do cardio to your favorite TV show, lift weights, work with a personal trainer or take pilates, options are abundant. And then there’s group fitness. Group fitness classes are the heart and soul of our clubs, and there’s no class that our members enjoy more than Billy Blanks’ Dance It Out, aka D.I.O. When it comes to a workout that is as effective as it is fun D.I.O (and Zumba) top the list. 

In a nutshell, D.I.O classes are designed to take you through a total body, high energy, cardio dance session that draws from a wide range of dance styles, including hip hop, Bollywood, line dancing, disco, 80s, African, hula, and a whole lot more. It’s basically a dance party with the added benefit of getting you super fit. 

In other words, D.I.O is the kind of workout that makes you forget it’s exercise. And sometimes this is exactly what we need to get it done. 

If you’re worried that you might look or feel silly getting your groove on with a group of others, don’t be! At Total Woman we go to great lengths to cultivate a community that’s warm, inviting, supportive, and absolutely shame-free. D.I.O is about movin’ and groovin’ with a group of supportive women just like you. Nobody is in it to be a professional dancer, and everyone feels vulnerable their first couple of classes. Rest assured plenty of good vibes and lasting bonds abound in these fun, high energy group fitness classes. 

Like all of our cardio-focused group fitness classes, D.I.O is incredibly effective when it comes to getting results form your efforts. This class burns hundreds of calories, increases your stamina, combats weight gain, and elevates mood by increasing the feel-good hormone, Dopamine, which tends to show up when we’re dancing. 

Ready to try something new and experience a workout that feels more like a night out on the town than a challenging exercise? Come on in to Total Woman today and activate your FREE 3 Day Pass. While on your free trial you can take as many group fitness classes as you desire – including D.I.O. 

D.I.O. classes are approximately 50 minutes long and appropriate for all fitness levels. Wear sneakers or tennis shoes and comfortable, sweat-wicking clothes that do not restrict movement. 


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