Cardio Kick

Mixing up the kinds of workouts you do is not only great for your body, but it’s incredible when it comes to keeping you motivated and inspired to exercise. That’s why we offer a wide range of classes, and Cardio Kick is one of our favorite ways to mix it up.

If you’re not familiar with Cardio Kick, the “kick” is short for kickboxing. These classes pair traditional kickboxing movements with bursts of strength and cardio intervals to tone your muscles and get your heart rate up. 

If the name Cardio Kick sounds intimidating don’t stress – there is no contact in this class, and you don’t need any experience with martial arts to reap its benefits. The class is simply a series of kickbox-inspired moves designed to amp up the fun in your fitness. At the end of the day it’s just another way to move your body and get a killer workout. 

In addition adding variety to your workout routine, Cardio Kick classes have loads of extra benefits, including:

  • Cardiovascular Improvement – Given that “cardio” is right in the name, it shouldn’t surprise you that this class will challenge your endurance. Through a series of jumps, kicks, and punches you will get your heart rate up and keep it elevated, making your cardiovascular system stronger and healthier with every class. 

  • Builds Strength – Your heart isn’t the only thing getting stronger in a Cardio Kick workout. Unlike traditional cardio, Cardio Kick calls on your fast twitch muscle fibers for power and speed. The more skilled and precise you get at the movements, the more strength and agility you build.  

  • Reduces Stress – There’s no better way to shake off a hard day than punching and kicking to high-energy music. One class is all it takes to show you just how powerful its stress-busting effects are. 

  • Increases Coordination – A high level of coordination means your body is working at optimal efficiency and safety. The punches and kicks involved in Cardio Kick improve body awareness. As you become more aware of your body and power, your movements become more fluid and precise, making it easier to do more with less effort.

Cardio Kick classes at Total Woman Gym + Spa are approximately 50 minutes in length. All are taught to upbeat music by enthusiastic and experienced teachers who keep you motivated and energized from start to finish. To make the most of your Cardio Kick, we recommend wearing comfortable workout attire and sneakers or tennis shoes. 

Ready for an awesome workout that makes you feel stronger and more empowered? Find a Total Woman location near you today, activate your free, 3-day trial and sign up for a Cardio Kick. Friends are welcome too! 


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