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Looking for a workout that gets serious results? Boot Camp classes combine bodyweight resistance training with speed drills, plyometrics, and cardio intervals for the ultimate calorie-burning experience. Not only will you will improve your agility, balance, and strength, but you’ll do so in a highly supportive atmosphere to the tune of upbeat music that'll keep your energy and spirits high.

From circuit training to self-defense, Boot Camp classes are inspired by a diverse range of fitness approaches. They're also highly teacher-dependent, which means no two experiences are exactly alike. Popular Boot Camp class styles include: 

Basic Boot Camp

This ultimate calorie-burning workout combines the best of cross-training conditioning with speed drills, plyometrics, and power exercising for a total body workout. This intense 60-minute class is meant to keep your heart pumping and your body engaged for amazing results. 

Circuit Training Boot Camp

Circuit training uses timed interval circuits to keep your body moving and your heart rate up. This 60-minute class combines strength-training exercises with cardio movements for a workout that’ll maximize calorie burn.

Military Style Boot Camp

This is an intense, full-body workout inspired by military training techniques that target every major muscle group. This 60-minute class is challenging by design, but we’ll be there to support you every step of the way! 

Self-Defense Boot Camp

Get in a great workout while learning practical self-defense techniques to help you defend yourself in unsafe situations. This 60-minute class is both a practical skills workshop and a fitness class, allowing you to enjoy the best of both worlds. 

Treadmill Boot Camp

Move through interval exercises on the treadmill, including hill climbs, sprints, and more. Over the course of this 60-minute class, you’ll test your endurance with varying speeds and challenges for a heart-thumping workout that delivers awesome results.

Barre Boot Camp

Barre bootcamp combines Pilates, yoga, and ballet moves to help lengthen, strengthen and sculpt lean muscles. This 60-minute class focuses on using total body movements and minimal rest periods for fast, efficient results.  

Total Woman members love Boot Camp classes because they instantly reduce stress, are comprised of an awesome community of supportive women, and, of course, because they deliver excellent results. And if you’re worried it might be too intense – don’t stress! Most Boot Camp classes use minimal equipment, which means you’re in total control of the difficulty and intensity of the workout. Plus, any exercise can be modified or skipped entirely (shame-free!), to ensure you’re never doing something you’re not comfortable with.

Our Boot Camp class styles and availability vary by location. You’re going to have a great experience no matter what but we always recommend taking a few different classes, especially if you’re new to Boot Camp. The movement, music, and energy will keep you motivated and smiling —  even through the tough stuff. 


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