Your Personal Trainer: Should You Start Personal Training?


A Pivotal Partner on Your Road to Fitness

Time for a new haircut? Chances are you won’t be sitting down in front of the mirror with a pair of scissors. For maximum results, it’s best to call your favorite professional.

Time for a new, updated, more effective workout regimen? See advice above! A tired fitness routine that has become more about routine than actual improved fitness is as frustrating and disappointing as, well…a DIY haircut.

Whether you’re a long-time gym rat in a workout rut, or just beginning to pursue a more focused fitness program, a personal trainer can be the partner that instructs, inspires, and invigorates. A savvy personal trainer can up both your fitness and fun quotients as you discover the latest techniques to shape your best self.  

Avoid Injuries

One of the main benefits of personal training is avoiding serious injuries that can leave you sitting on the sidelines. Your trainer will choose a well-rounded program of the safest, most efficient exercises to promote strength, balance, flexibility and endurance.  You’ll get individual attention from someone who knows your physical condition and can maximize your strengths while carefully addressing your weaknesses.

A Match Made in Fitness Heaven

When looking for a personal trainer, the key is finding someone who understands who you are and supports your goals. Open communication is essential to assess what is and isn’t working and make the necessary adjustments to achieve success.  

You may not be a tough love kind of woman and may prefer a trainer with a gentler, less drill sergeant approach. Or you may find that you like the challenge of a little adversity and can be energized by a no-nonsense type. There are as many different styles of trainers as there are trainees.


Having a personal trainer by your side can provide the encouragement and motivation you need to approach your workouts with a fresh energy. Together you will set achievable goals and your trainer will be there to cheer when you achieve them. There is also the accountability issue. Knowing your trainer is waiting for you makes it a whole lot harder to skip a workout. No more excuses!

No Brainer

As the leader of your fitness journey, your trainer will sift through the maze of information for you, making decisions about your program, constantly changing it up to keep you from getting bored, and teaching you how to navigate exercises and machines with confidence. You will be free to focus on execution and accomplishment.

Train for your first 5K, prepare for a hiking trip, ask for specific exercises to shave a few strokes of that golf game or just aspire to be your happiest, healthiest self. With a personal trainer in your corner, you are part of a winning team.

Ready to take the leap to personal training? Learn more about Total Woman Gym + Spa’s experienced Personal Trainers and find your match!