Why You Should Hit the Gym with HIIT


What is HIIT, you ask? Just a four a four-letter word that can change your life. For starters, it’s a top fitness trend that has redefined the concept of working out.  

HIIT, or High Intensity Interval Training is defined by quick intense bursts of full out exercise at 100% effort, followed by brief recovery periods which may be active with weight training that enlists your own body weight instead of dumbbells. The idea is to get and keep your heart rate up to burn more fat in less time.

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

According to the American College of Sports and Medicine, one of the major benefits of HIIT is a metabolism boost that keeps you burning calories long after you’ve left the gym. Talk about the fitness gift that keeps on giving.

Less is More

When it comes to HIIT, less is definitely more. Routines can generally be completed in just 30 minutes. In fact, studies show that 15 minutes of HIIT burns more calories than an hour on the treadmill. The only bad news? It’s easy to make time for it. No more excuses!

Effective and Efficient

HIIT conditioning will retrain your muscles to increase your overall endurance. Participants in one study reported that after eight weeks of HIIT they could double the length of time they could bike at maximum speed.

As you gain stamina, you will lose fat, but not muscle. The right balance of weight training and cardio burns the fat while keeping the muscles strong and toned.  

Extreme Training. Extreme Results

HIIT is a great motivator. Knowing that a rest period is just moments away will inspire you to safely push yourself to the extreme.  As the blood gets pumping, your circulatory system, especially your heart, will be thanking you.

Never a Dull Moment

There is no need to limit yourself to biking or running. Any of your favorite cardio workouts can be adapted for interval training. And the options for weight training exercises that use your own body weight are unlimited. Every HIIT session will be fresh and fun.

Whether you are a seasoned workout buff or a newbie, HIIT can be the impetus that pushes you out of your comfort zone and into a higher level of fitness. Give it a try and find out why HIIT is, well…a huge hit!