Valentine's Day Ideas: Valentine's Day Fitness Fun


Between the chocolates, rich dinners, and decadent desserts, traditional Valentine’s Day activities can often tip the scale in the wrong direction. Why not balance Valentine’s day indulgence with a Valentine’s Day activity that combines romance with fitness?

Whether you are sharing the day with that certain someone, or celebrating the single life, here are some Valentine’s Day ideas for a fun, memorable experience that will leave you feeling good about yourself the morning after.

Find a Valentine’s Day Race

For seasoned runners or strictly recreational joggers, a Valentine’s Day race is sure to get your heart pumping. Themed races are usually laid back and always fun. Enter on your own, or with your significant other, and work up a sweat to get into the Valentine’s Day spirit.



Take a Fitness Class

Grab a friend and get your heart racing at a group fitness class. Try a yoga class, pump iron, or dance it out to get your cardio on and you’ll work up an appetite before that romantic dinner or Galentine’s gathering!

Rock Climbing

Indoors—or outdoors if you’ve got the weather and stomach for it—rock climbing is more than just a total body workout. It’s a great way to build trust between you and your partner. Share a unique Valentine’s Day adventure that you will always remember.

Try Camping

Get away from it all and head into the woods for some fresh air, hiking and romance. With the stars for background, enjoy a rustic meal and each other around the campfire.

Get on Your Feet and Dance

Sensual, romantic and guaranteed to get your heart rate up, literally and figuratively, dancing is a great way to spend this Valentine’s Day. Even if you have two left feet, as long as you are moving both of them, you will have fun and burn calories. Grab your partner for a class, or if you’re single, get together with a bunch of other singles and rock the house.  

Go Skating

You don’t have to be an Olympic athlete to go for a spin around the ice or roller rink. Just bring a positive attitude and a sense of humor and be ready for a spill or two. You’ll work those muscles while you create some great Valentine’s Day memories.


Try Something New

If you’re part of a long-term couple, try to find a Valentine’s Day fitness activity to broaden your horizons and explore a new challenge. For those who are just starting a relationship, introduce your new partner to an activity you love. If you’re single, let Valentine’s Day be about conquering a fear or achieving a new goal.

Here’s to a happy, healthy Valentine’s Day!