The Workouts for Women Who Hate to Workout



Attention Workout Haters:

You Will Fall in Love with Fun, Creative Classes

Does the thought of logging mile after mile on the treadmill leave you less than inspired? Gross understatement? You are not alone if a trip to the dentist seems like a day at the beach compared to endlessly climbing the stair master to nowhere. 

Let’s agree that a healthy lifestyle involves somehow breaking a sweat on a regular basis. What’s totally up for grabs is how you choose to achieve that goal. Even if conventional exercise is just not your thing, you’re in luck. Today’s fitness gurus have looked past their dumbbells and expanded their repertoires to include fun fitness classes that are the opposite of boring. Instead of dreading your workout, you will look forward to getting your blood pumping with other fitness enthusiasts who want to have their fun and their cardiovascular training too!

Many of these upbeat, innovative cardio workouts revolve around music and dance. While you experience the joy of self-expression to the tunes of local and exotic cultures, you’ll be safely and happily strengthening both heart and spirit through creative movement, one of the best low impact workouts.   

·      Zumba

The music is hot and the movements are sexy and empowering. You’ll love this total body workout that is more like a Latin inspired dance party—minus the margaritas. You won’t even realize you are exercising as you elevate your heartrate and burn calories.

(Offered at the following Total Woman Gym and Spa locations: Alameda, , Glendale, Irvine, Laguna Hills, Northridge, Placentia, San Jose, Studio City, Sunnyvale, Torrance, Valencia, Westlake Village, Woodland Hills)

·      Zumba Gold

The zumba gold class offers a slightly lighter workout with the same music and sassy Latin flavor.

(Offered at the following Total Woman Gym and Spa locations: Baldwin Hills, Irvine, Laguna Hills, Placentia, Torrance, Woodland Hills)

·      U-Jam

Get your hip hop on with U Jam, a high energy dance fitness class that infuses dance moves from all over the world with an urban hip hop flavor. You will be so focused on creative, easy to learn dance steps, the intense cardiovascular workout will sneak up on you.

(Offered at the following Total Woman Gym and Spa locations: Alameda, Glendale, San Jose, Sunnyvale)

·      Dance It Out

Move and groove to internationally flavored music in this full on cardio dance celebration that will challenge and energize. Discover the physical and emotional benefits of dancing it out as you learn steps from a wide variety of styles and cultures. Rock with dances from Africa and Bollywood. Express yourself with the hula, hip hop, line dancing and disco. This class will rank high on both the fitness and fun meters.  (Offered at the following Total Woman Gym and Spa locations: Glendale, Irvine, Laguna Hills, Studio City, Valencia, Westlake Village, Woodland Hills)

The perfect complement to your alternative style cardio session is a class that focuses on body sculpting and strength. Designed to appeal to those who shun the traditional, the workouts listed below incorporate the best of ballet, yoga and Pilates movements with that little extra something. You will love redefining your body in a class that is energetic, fun and anything but run of the mill.

·      Barrevite

You don’t have to be a prima ballerina to enjoy Barrevite, a dynamic, energizing full body workout that incorporates the principles of traditional ballet. As you lengthen and sculpt muscles, you will develop strength, core stability, balance and flexibility. Dance sneakers are recommended.

(Offered at the following Total Woman Gym and Spa locations: Alameda, Glendale, Studio City, Valencia)

·      Pop Pilates

You will love Pilates exercises choreographed to pop music. Intensely working the core as you flow non-stop from one exercise to the next, this fun, effective take on traditional Pilates leaves no muscle out in the cold. Prepare to be rocked to your core, literally. (Offered at the following Total Woman Gym and Spa locations: Glendale, Woodland Hills)

Thanks to imaginative experts, the list of cool ideas for getting in shape is endless. Whether you are committed to never setting foot on a spin bike or just want to change up your regular workout regimen, find a fun workout you love and stick with it. Instead of a chore, your workout class will be your favorite time of day.