Personal Trainer Spotlight: Tracey Jones, Fitness Manager

Meet Teresa Jones!


Teresa Jones (A.K.A. Tracey) has been active with sports and coaching her whole life, which is why she first started in the fitness industry. She joined Total Woman in 2012 as a personal trainer because she wanted to be a part of the empowering community of women at Total Woman. Now the Fitness Manager at our Valencia gym, she’s a true believer in life-long fitness and hopes to inspire and motivate both her clients and trainers for many years to come.

•        What is her favorite sports team and why?
          Denver Broncos because I was born and raised in Denver and my Dad thought I needed that heart attack for the rest of my life.  Any/all soccer, track, gymnastics...these are the   sports I personally was involved in

•         Favorite exercise?
          Changes all the time.  I've run my whole life and that has been a constant, but I love TRX, pilates, yoga, weight lifting (only because I have to), kickboxing....hiking, anything outside

•         What is her personal fitness routine?
          I have a very high strung dog that needs to run everyday so I start my mornings off with a great run.  I do weights daily, yoga a few times a week, I run the stairs a couple times a week, pilates once a week and I'll do some high impact stuff once a week too.

•         What is her favorite food?
          I love food.  All of it.  Mexican probably is my favorite.

•         What is her guilty pleasure?
          Wine.  I love wine.  I love going wine tasting and exploring the science of wine...but, mostly I love to drink wine.

•         Best fitness advice she ever received?
          I can't say I've ever received a lot of fitness advice, but my own personal creed is, "Don't go into old age out of shape...nobody comes out alive and you need to be prepared to deal with any of the curve balls life hands you"

•         What famous person does she admire most and why?
          I don't really have anybody famous that I admire, we are all just human.  I do love Helan Mirran though....she's tough, direct and honest to a fault.

•         Morning person or night person?
          Mid afternoon?

•         Native Californian?  If not where was she born?
          I was born and raised in Denver Colorado.  I moved to California on a whim after college because I had always wanted to live here, and I've never looked back

•         Married, children?
          Married for many years, 2 practically perfect girls, one is 23 and one is 20.

•         Best fitness tip she wants to share?
          Move.  At all costs, move.  Don't stop moving.  The answer to all things is movement, exercise and eating correctly.