Gym Bag Essentials


Your gym experience represents your life in microcosm. You’ll laugh—and maybe cry, interact socially, be annoyed, feel triumph, be hungry and have hair issues. You could be anywhere, right? It may only be an hour but it’s the whole enchilada. If you bring determination and a positive attitude, you’ve got the right stuff. But when it comes to what to put in your gym bag, you also need, well…the right stuff.

Those gym bag essentials are the key to an efficient workout that won’t bring your busy day to a screeching halt. The gym is nothing less than a traveling road show and your gym bag must be up to the task, filled with everything you need to optimize your workout and get you ready to go on to your next adventure without missing a beat.   

So, what to put in your gym bag? Here are a few suggestions

  • Deodorant: 

Though you should be proud when you finish a great workout, there’s no need to smell like it. A travel size deodorant will keep you fresh as a daisy both during and after your workout.

  • Headbands and hair ties: 

Arriving at the gym without anything to tie back your hair gives new meaning to the words, bad hair day. Long hair can be controlled with a pony tail. For short hair, you might want to include some bobby pins to keep the hair out your face while you are trying to focus on fitness.

  • Body spray: 

As you finish pumping iron, your most important exercise may be to pump that body spray. A little perfume tells your co-workers you are not only fit and toned, but lovely to be around even after a workout.   

  • Extra socks: 

Forget to grab an extra pair of socks when you left for the gym this morning? Not a problem if you keep an auxiliary pair in the gym bag. Sweaty socks can really rub you the wrong way and leave you feeling uncomfortable all day.  You’ll be grateful when you need clean dry socks and there they are!

  • Headphones & iPod: 

With all the tech available, boredom is no excuse to avoid the gym. Your workout can be a time to listen to your favorite music or catch up on your favorite TV shows. Make sure your ipad or the entertainment device of your choice is in your bag. You might consider always keeping an extra backup set of headphones in the bag in case yours break just when you’re at the best part!

  • Face wipes: 

If time is short and a post workout shower is out of the question, face wipes are a great solution to sweat that can clog your pores and that makeup that is running down you face after your strenuous effort.

  • Snacks: 

You’ll be hungry after your trainer puts you through your paces. Keep protein or energy bars in your bag to perk you up when you’re leaving the gym and to stave off the urge to head down the dreaded unhealthy snack path. You worked hard to burn calories. Your gym bag reserves are a reward you won’t feel guilty about later.

  • Lock: 

Many gyms have lockers that require you to use a combination or key lock. You will want to have a lock in your bag to secure your valuables so your mind can be on sculpting and strengthening instead of wondering if your belongings are safe.

  • Dry shampoo: 

Post gym hair will not impress your clients. If you’re short on time and can’t actually wash your hair, spray some dry shampoo on your roots. Nobody will ever know you just salsa danced, ran on the treadmill, pumped iron or did all of the above.

Your gym bag essentials will not only improve your workout, they’ll guarantee that afterward you are ready for anything.