Back To School: Refresh Your Routine


After a long summer of fun, school is back in session! Whether you have kiddos or not, the back-to-school season represents more than reading, writing and arithmetic. It symbolizes getting back to routine. If the summer threw you off your normal workout schedule, or maybe you just want a new one, use these back to school tips to refresh your gym game.

Create a schedule

Just as kids get a new class schedule, you will benefit from creating a gym schedule. Often, fitness is the first thing we let go of when life gets busy. However, by scheduling your workouts you will keep yourself from skipping out on that important time. For extra motivation, add gym time to your phone calendar with a fun alert sound.

Try something new

A new subject, or how about a new class? It’s easy to stick with what you know, but big change happens outside your comfort zone. Take this moment to explore a new workout or a group fitness class you’ve never tried. This cross-training principle is effective at improving performance, strength, and results. 

Make a new friend

The gym is a great place to make a new friend because everyone is health-focused, just like you. Having a new gym buddy keeps you both accountable and motivated. Plus, research shows that working out with a friend helps you workout more. Friends are the best!


Set goals and take tests

There is something so satisfying about seeing results. Whether it’s a few inches, a few pounds or even breaking a personal record; it feels good to achieve a goal. So set them and then take your own test. Maybe you want to hold plank for a full minute, add more reps to each set, or fit into that special dress. Work for it and work toward it by setting achievable goals with realistic timelines. Don’t be afraid to give yourself a pop quiz every now and then.

There is a lot we can take away from watching our youngsters go back to school every year. Let’s get back to the gym and make an A in the life class of health and fitness!