Total Woman Woodland Hills: Spotlight on Ashley Cavento


Ashley Calvento is not only a source of positive energy and motivation for the Total Woman community, she is a Total Woman success story. Her transformation into a trim and toned fitness buff is a testament to her courage and determination and proof positive that a healthy lifestyle and the right fitness program can be truly life-altering.  

If you saw a picture of Ashley as the young teen she was once when she first joined Total Woman, you would not recognize her. At 50 plus pounds overweight, and struggling with the accompanying depression and anxiety, Ashley was miserable and uncomfortable in her own skin. Though her mom gave her a membership to Total Woman, Ashley was mired in feeling physically, mentally and emotionally unwell and not ready to make the necessary changes to her lifestyle. When she looked in the mirror, she was overwhelmed with anxiety by the person looking back at her.

It was only after suffering from life-threatening seizures that Ashley knew it was time to take control of her life and become the person she knew she could be.  

She convinced her mom to continue her membership and as she walked into the gym for the first time, she knew she had begun a new journey that would include healing, self-discovery and a lifelong passion for fitness.  

At first, Ashley worked out on her own, spending time on cardio equipment. But, her unsupervised regimen was not as fruitful as she had hoped. Upon connecting with Lauren, one of Total Woman’s personal trainers, Ashley realized she needed the guidance and inspiration of a professional. She began a regular program of personal training sessions and nutritional counseling and the rest is history. As she blossomed from a sedentary, fast food binging teen into a calorie conscious, gym enthusiast pursuing a personalized fitness program with an experienced trainer twice a week, the results were stunning.

Today, a year later, Ashley is not only a newly converted fitness buff, she is a valued member of the Total Woman staff. She has shed over 50 pounds, and is now a svelte 130 pounds with 28% body fat. When she looks in the mirror it is with new found confidence and pride. When members ask for her secret to success, she tells them it’s all about taking that first step to wellness. The gym won’t come to you. But once you walk through those doors, you will have the resources and support to realize your goals.  

Ashley’s passion for fitness has given her life a new direction and purpose. She has replaced destructive behaviors with healthy choices and has broken the cycle that was keeping her trapped in a spiral of unhappiness. In fact, as of the summer of 2018, Ashley will become a certified personal trainer and can’t wait to inspire others to achieve success.