Are You Really Removing ALL of Your Makeup Before Bed?


Skillfully applying makeup is an art. It takes time and patience but the results are worth it. Right? If only we approached removing makeup with the same vigilance.

Think of careful, time-consuming makeup removal as a necessary evil, sort of like washing your fine, delicate crystal by hand. Shoving it in the dishwasher may make you happy in the moment, but you’ll be kicking yourself in the long run, when company is toasting with glasses that are dull, cracked and chipped.  

After a fabulous night out, it’s always tempting to table the cleaning routine and just fall into bed. (Seriously, who among us hasn’t short-circuited the process at one time or another?) But add up those few minutes of extra sleep over time and it will never be worth the hours spent at the dermatologist—and the eye doctor.  

Inadequate makeup removal can lead to a host of problems including dry skin, unsightly pimples and blackheads, and extra wrinkles. And that is just from leftover face makeup. Leave your eye makeup on overnight and you risk eye infections, irritations, sties and broken eyelashes. In the light of day, you will wish you had stuck to the routine.

Yes, you can and should deep clean your skin with regular facials to keep it youthful and radiant, but between those professional treatments, it’s up to you to maintain that healthy glow. That means making absolutely certain your face is makeup free when you hit the pillow.

Here are a few tips to remove makeup at night for a clean, fresh start in the morning.  

  • Start with a Cleanser

Your daily cleanser should easily wipe off foundation and blush. After massaging the product of your choice over your entire face, including hairline, jawline and around your ears, let it sit and absorb for 15 seconds. Then wipe with a wet, cotton washcloth, until no more foundation or blush comes off on the washcloth.

  • Steam Open Those Pores

Even the most basic spa facial includes steam therapy. And there is a good reason for that. The steam opens your pores and makes it easier for cleaners to penetrate the skin and loosen makeup, dirt, and debris. You can create your own steam treatment by filling a sink or bowl with hot water and hovering your face over it for a minute or two. You may not want to take the time to steam every night, but it makes a great occasional addition to your nightly makeup removal routine. You can even add a drop of lavender oil to an extra soothing vibe.  

  • The Eyes Have It

Eye makeup removal is tricky—and ironic. The skin around the eyes is ultra- sensitive and the mascara and liner are the most difficult to remove. Scrubbing is a no no, and so are cotton balls which leave fibers behind. You will need a cotton pad that won’t shed and a makeup remover specifically formulated for the eyes. If you are hyper allergic, look for an oil free product. Pre-soaked pads can be effective. Close your eyes and hold them over your lids and lashed for a few seconds before gently wiping.  

If you are a fan of waterproof mascara, you will need a waterproof eye makeup removal product to safely take it off. Soak a pad with the remover and then press down softly on the lashed for a few seconds before wiping across the eyes.  

Once you’ve completed the process, it’s a good idea to go over the area with a dry cotton pad to remove any excess makeup and remover that is left. This extra small step will make reapplying makeup in the morning much easier.

  • Luscious Lips

Make sure your cleaning routine does not ignore those luscious lips. Sleeping with lipstick can leave a colorful mess on your pillowcase but even worse, it can lead to dry, chapped lips. A cotton pad soaked in your makeup remover should do the trick for most regular lipstick. If you went out on the town in long-wearing or intensely pigmented lipstick meant to last the evening, you will need an oil based cleansing product to remove it.

  • And Finally…

Now that you have gently removed the face paint, don’t forget to follow up with your serums, toners and moisturizer. Your few minutes of care will definitely pay off when you can jump out of a bed with clean, clear skin and—unless your skin is ultra-oily—simply splash some warm water on it to start your day.

Support your professional skin care treatments with these easy cleansing steps and your skin will be as flawless as your sparkling, hand-washed crystal.