6 Summer Fitness Tips That Work    

Oh yes! It’s summer – a season synonymous with vacation, relaxation, and BBQs. They’re called the lazy days of summer for a reason. While we’re playing in the sunshine, our usual routines get rocky. If you’re experiencing this, you’re not alone. The sizzling heat causes a decrease in energy, while fun-in-sun activities become distractions.


Don’t let summer act as an excuse for not feeling great. Instead let this fiery season fuel you into action. Let’s do this!


Try these 6 summer fitness tips


Make Good Decisions

If your social calendar is filling up with pool parties and BBQs, it’s easy to let your diet slide. Instead of avoiding the fun, think about your options. Christie Naumann, Fitness Manager of Total Woman Encinitas, suggests bringing an alternative to the cookout to ease any anxiety and avoid feeling guilty. Instead of burgers, bring chicken breast for the grill. Swap out chips and dips for crunchy veggies and hummus. Drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated and feeling full.


Do What You Enjoy

One of the biggest mistakes our trainers see are women who burn out fast. Often people come in and they think they need to go 120% to reach their goals, when it’s really about finding something enjoyable to keep you on track,” recommends Naumann.


Ask yourself what you enjoy doing that’s physical. Now, incorporate those activities into your weekly gym schedule. “It might be incorporating things outside of the gym, like walking on the beach and then afternoon yoga at the gym,” notes Naumann, “Or spin class mixed with resistance training.” Talk with a fitness trainer to help create a plan that is both effective and enjoyable for long-term happiness and health.


Make It Count

Working out for an hour is only 1/24th of your day, so it’s crucial to make those 60 minutes count. “Put your time in wisely and work hard when you’re here,” advises Ashley Lucky, Total Woman Fitness Manager of Northridge Club. Get in and get out so you can enjoy the remaining 23/24th of your day. Another tip from Lucky is to “do your weights first and cardio after.”


Keep Going On Vacation

You worked hard to feel good in that swimsuit so stay at it while your vacationing. Most hotels and even cruise ships have a gym on site. Prioritize your health by beginning your day with an hour workout, so you don’t have to worry about fitting it in later in the day. After all, you are on vacation.


If you don’t have access to a gym, you can utilize what’s around you for a great workout. Try squats in your room, step-ups on the bed, and tricep dips off a bench. Also, choose sightseeing activities that are physical so your body stays active and you keep burning calories. Choose a hike, a walking tour, or bike ride to explore the new place you are in.


Learn It The Right Way

While your working hard inside the gym, it’s best that you are working out right. Maintaining proper form tones and will strengthen the targeted muscle, while also preventing injury. “If your form is off you will begin to work a different muscle,” says Lucky. Make sure your form is correct before you load your weight. Ask a trainer for assistance.


Be Your Friend

The best thing you can do for yourself is to be good to yourself. “Cut yourself some slack,” says Naumann. “Enjoy yourself. It’s a lot better in the long run.”