Summertime Foods To Cool You Off

As we approach the sun-drenched days of summer, it’s important to understand the impact warm weather has on the body. Sunny days conjure a playful, vacation state of mind, but it’s the summertime heat that can also leave you feeling drained.


There are two reasons for this lethargy. While the metabolism works harder during colder months to keep you warm, it slows down during the summer so you don’t overheat. This doesn’t mean you need to cut calories when the temperature rises – the body will automatically adjust for homeostasis. Another reason we feel our energy wane in the warmth is decreased hydration. During an average day of sweating, breathing, and eliminating, you will excrete 10 cups of water out of your body. And that’s without exercise! Once you add in your favorite gym workout and hot weather, you’re heading down the road to dehydration.


Dehydration causes low energy, decreased volume of blood and even slows the metabolism. Don’t let the heat stop you from working out or enjoying fun activities. Instead, drink more water to help your organs function and toxins flush out.


If you feel less hungry when it’s hot outside, modify your intake with smaller meals and snacks. Also, eat more cooling foods to help clear heat and refresh the system. Cooling foods include:

  • Berries because they alkaline and generate cold energy

  • Dark leafy greens are made up of 80-95 percent water

  • Bananas clear intestinal heat

  • Avocados are easily digestible and nourish the blood

  • Romaine lettuce is great for salads and the liver for removing toxins

  • Melons are water-dense, delicious and the perfect summertime treat

Also lemons apples, papaya, pineapple, summer squash, zucchini, and cucumber.


Try these tasty recipes we love for summer:

Basil Watermelon Gazpacho (via MindBodyGreen)


Chicken Tostadas with Avocado Sauce (via Good Housekeeping)


Coconut Lavender Lemonade (via Confectionalism)


If you’re feeling the heat and ready to cool off, drink your H20 and take care of your body with refreshing foods that fuel your energy so you can enjoy the summer!