Fitness Apps That Give Back

You know that working out is good for you – but did you know that you working out can be good for others as well?

Today, mobile apps have made it so that you can get a workout and give back at the same time. Whether you run, workout in a group fitness class, or get in shape in the weight room, these apps allow you to achieve your fitness goals while raising money for charity.

So now you can not only feel good from working out, but feel good about it too.

Download one, or all, of these apps today and start raising money for your favorite cause while raising your heartbeat.


Developed by a team of economists from Yale, stickK makes you put your money where your mouth is. You pick your goal –  whether it’s to work out more, lose weight, eat healthier or anything else you want to achieve – set a time frame, select a charity or cause, and then lay your money on the line (the app takes your credit card information upfront). To keep you honest, you also choose a referee who will keep track of your progress and keep you in check along the way. If you falter or miss your goal – your money goes to charity. However, if you succeed, you keep your cash (of course you could still donate it).

Charity Miles

Make those miles you walk, run, or bike count for more than just calories! This ingenious app tracks your distance and turns it into dollar bills for a charity of your choice (and yes, you can choose a different one each time).  Simply start the app when you head out for a run or ride and begin earning - 10 cents per mile when you bike, or 25 cents per mile when you “hoof it.” Charity Miles supports a variety of charities, including Habitat for Humanity, Feeding America, Autism Speaks and Wounded Warriors. Best part about this app? It costs you nothing… except your sweat!

Plus 3 Network

Turn your fitness activities into a fundraiser with Plus 3 Network. When you join this interactive network you get a sponsor who will donate money to a charity of your choice – on your behalf – every time you get your sweat on. Whether you take a Zumba class, stretch out in yoga, lift weights or simply take the dog for a walk – just log your time and watch the dollars and cents add up. And with Plus 3 Network miles are even more valuable than time. Runners and cyclists who track miles earn double the points.

Repz for Charity

Repz challenges you to perform different exercises for just 15-30 seconds. You choose a challenge, they show you the exercise, then you record yourself doing it and log the number of repetitions you did. For every challenge you do, they will make a nominal donation to a health-related charity. Start with easier exercises and progress to more difficult ones. As long as you’re moving it counts! . Repz allows you to do as many challenges a day as you would like – the more you move your body the more charities will receive. Plus, you can share your videos on social media for a chance to challenge your own friends and win prizes.


Dare your friends (or yourself) to different feats of fitness. The Budge app allows you to have fun making healthy wagers with your friends. Who can run the farthest? Who can stick to their diet the longest? Who will work out more each week? You set the stakes and the winnings go to straight to a charity linked to the app. You could say it’s a win-win for everyone. (Currently available for ios operating systems 0nly).

Donate a Photo

Keep accountable of your healthy living goals by taking photos. Most of us already take photos of our meals, our activities, and events. Why not donate that photo for charity? Studies show that people who broadcast their progress and achievements are more apt to stay on track. So take a picture of your nutritious lunch, or a sweaty selfie after a challenging workout, and share it on this app. For each photo you share, Johnson & Johnson will give $1 to the charity of your choice.

Pay to Snooze

Having trouble waking for those early morning workouts? There are a number of apps that give you a little extra incentive to get out of bed and to the gym. Simply download the alarm clock, set it, and get some quality sleep. For every time you hit snooze the next morning, you’ll end up making a small donation to the charity of your choice. Who knew sleeping in could be so selfless. (Pay to Snooze and Charity Alarm available for android devices. Snooze available on ios devices).