Your 2017 Fitness Plan

If you’ve decided that 2017 is the year you go for your fitness and self-care goals, Total Woman Gym + Spa is the place to go. We offer a space that helps women improve their wellbeing, inside and out. From our group class offerings where you can Zumba your way to our spa that allows you to relax and recover from your workout, we’ve got you covered from head to toe for your 2017 fitness goals.

And now that you know where to go, it’s time to figure out your fitness plan. Here are a few goals you can keep in mind to discover what works best for you.

Build Strength

Building strength is critical to a balanced fitness plan, but we’re not just talking about muscular strength. Reaching your fitness goals, or any goal for that matter, requires strong resolve and consistent action. Commit to yourself, and prioritize exercise to strengthen, tone, and renew your body and mind in the New Year. The easiest way to do this? Grab a friend, a.k.a your accountability partner, and hit the gym for a pilates, yoga, or Total Body class. Or, engage the help of a seasoned professional. Let one of our NCCA-Accredited personal trainers design a fitness plan that meets your specific goals.

Increase Endurance

Endurance requires patience and perseverance, but as your endurance improves, you’ll feel stronger inside and out. If you’re leading your own workout in the gym, and want to begin with working on your cardio, begin at a moderate pace. Whether it’s walking going into jogging or running, look at your speed and give yourself goals for how long you will keep that pace up. For example, you can begin with a 3.0/mile pace, go for a few minutes, then increase the speed to 4.5/mile for a jog/run for a set amount of minutes. Continue to increase how long you continue at that pace via time or distance, and make sure to have a goal in mind.

Create Healthy Habits

When you’re trying to reach a fitness goal, your healthy habits extend beyond the walls of the gym. 80% of most fitness goals begin in the kitchen. Feed your body with whole foods as much as possible. Balance each meal with a healthy selection of vegetables, proteins and fats, and minimize sugars and starches. Proper hydration is also essential. The body often thinks it needs food, when what it’s really asking for is water. The best way to stay on track with your nutrition is to plan – shop for the week and prep all your healthy foods on Sunday so they are available and ready to fuel up for the day.

Schedule Your Time

For any busy woman, time can be particularly hard to come by. Carve out time in your calendar for working out and self-care, just as you would any other appointment. Total Woman Gym + Spa supports you by offering a flexible schedule and, if you’re a mother, childcare that allows you to come work out even when you have the kids. Whether you run alone on the treadmill or take a Zumba class with a friend, make your health and fitness a priority so you have the energy to do everything else you need to do.

Build in Self-Care

Self-care is rejuvenating. It gives you the energy and strength to take on life’s responsibilities. Whether you find respite taking a yoga class, relaxing in the sauna or getting a massage, make the time to take care of yourself so that you can manage work, your partner, the kids, your parents, and anything else that might be on your plate. You matter, and Total Woman Gym + Spa is here for you, every step of the way.