Kavita's Pregnancy Blog: Week 34

My Fitness Routine this Week:
This week was absolutely chaotic. I was able to sneak in a workout with Gina on the Pilates reformer, but other than that I have been working out mainly by walking through stores, hospitals, and up and down my apartment stairs!

I have to take a minute to hype up a product that some people make fun of me for using but that I absolutely love- I have a small portable pedal unit so that I can keep my legs moving while I watch TV or read! The unit only cost about $30 online, and is a great way for me to keep the blood flowing in my legs when my joints are a little sore. I try not to rely on this unit as the benefits of engaging your entire body when exercising are so much larger, but when my hips are really sore or my back is acting up it's a great alternative!

My Beauty Routine this Week:
My beauty routine relies more and more heavily on moisturizing as my belly gets larger! I always make sure to put a thick shea butter on before bed so that my skin can soak it in. As I head into this final stretch I am making sure not to forget my chest and thighs as those areas can fall victim to stretch marks also!

I often use a pure shea butter, but when I am on the go I use Skin Authority's Shea, Olive, and Fig moisturizer. The smell is subtle enough not to trigger my gag reflex (as many smells do these days!) and it absorbs quickly without leaving my clothes greasy!

How I'm Feeling this Week:
I am feeling beautiful! I have always had a complicated relationship with my body image, so I was really worried about how I would feel seeing my maternity pictures. I can honestly say that I have never felt more beautiful than I do now. Though I feel homely and clumsy some days, every time I see that beautiful little baby bump in a picture I can't help but feel proud about having the opportunity to carry a child!

Sneak Peek at my maternity photo shoot!