Kavita's Pregnancy Blog: Week 32

My Fitness Routine this Week:
I jumped back into training with Megan this week, and boy did my legs feel it! Because my baby is gaining weight so rapidly now, I am also gaining weight rapidly. This means that when I do bodyweight exercises they continue to get more and more difficult. As you can imagine, taking a week off of strength training and coming back to increased it with weight was quite difficult. I find myself huffing and puffing more than I am used to these days, and I start sweating pretty quickly!

I should have touched on this weeks ago, so I apologize, but comfortable workout wear when you are pregnant is so important. Loose-fitting material allows my stomach to breath and move without aggravating the skin and encouraging extra stretch marks. When I do wear clothing that is more form fitting, I make sure to choose something with soft, smooth material so that it can glide past my skin easily. I have grown to love high-waisted workout pants during pregnancy as it holds my belly up which helps to support my back and prevent excess strain. It acts almost like a sports bra for my baby bump! If you don't want to buy new pants, investing in a belly band from one of many reputable companies may be a good choice. Make sure to read the reviews from customers about durability, ease of use, and comfort level.

My Beauty Routine this Week:
I like to think that I have pioneered a new combination with face masks this week, but I'm sure someone else has already thought of it. I only have a few areas that are breaking out right now, so I didn't want to use an acne treating mask over my whole face since my skin is already naturally so dry. However, I do have my maternity photos coming up, so I wanted to make sure that I addressed all areas of my face. My solution? To apply Image's MAX mask on my areas which did not have active acne and apply Skin Authority's calming mask to the areas that did. I left the masks on for 20 minutes (simultaneously) and then rinsed them off with warm water. After that I used an electric face brush to exfoliate with the Skin Authority cleansing gel. I finished with Skin Authority's resurfacing accelerator and the Ultra Rich moisturizing cream. The result was balanced, smooth skin!

Make sure to consult with your Esthetician before mixing lines as sometimes this can cause a reaction. I have found what works for my skin, but make sure that you are familiar with ingredients and your personal reactions to them.

How I'm Feeling this Week:
Things are getting cramped in there! My little boy is rapidly gaining weight these days, and I feel it! Now that he is bigger I can feel nearly every movement he makes. It seems like he is constantly moving! I'm getting so anxious to meet this little guy just to see what his little face looks like!

Health-wise I still have pretty severe acid reflux and nausea, but I have also felt the "nesting" instinct kicking in. I'm trying to very consciously take breaks after I do a big load of laundry or an hour of organization. I had one evening where I just let my nesting run wild and I felt completely run down the next day. The toughest thing in these last few weeks will be to stay aware of my limitations.