Kavita's Pregnancy Blog: Week 31

My Fitness Routine This Week:
Since I was in Oregon with some amazing greenery, my main fitness this last week consisted of sightseeing and hiking. I am originally from Utah, so I grew up going hiking quite often. It's a great way to "trick" yourself into physical activity because you can allow yourself to be distracted by all the beautiful scenery!

While I am used to hiking mountain trails, California offers quite a bit when it comes to exploring the outdoors. There are many easy trails that take you through some nice steady ground with views of the ocean - a great option for anyone who hasn't done a lot of hiking before. For those who want more of a challenge, a simple google search will bring up popular more rigorous trails.

Make sure you look into information about the area before you go as you may need to prepare for certain bugs or wildlife native to the area. Plan food and water accordingly, and make sure to apply sunscreen even for shady trails. Don't forget to bring a camera!

My Beauty Routine This Week:
Total Woman Torrance is so excited to finally receive the Image Skincare line! I have used this line before and was already a big fan, so I can't wait for our members to try it!

Image is not a luxury line, but acts more in the manner of a medical spa line. All the products are geared towards real results. Because they all contain more active ingredients, I am a little restricted on what I can use during my pregnancy. I have chosen to use the MAX line which is free of any harsh acids that can be dangerous during pregnancy. This line uses stem cell technology to give me anti-aging benefits. I am currently using the MAX eye cream to keep any puffiness at bay from sleepless nights (due to a moving baby and pee breaks!)

How I'm Feeling This Week:
I have started feeling very overwhelmed with everything that still needs to be done before our baby gets here, so my husband and I snuck away for a Babymoon! We went to Portland, Oregon. While we explored the city a little bit, most of our time was spent getting into the great outdoors!

It's so important to set aside time to just be with those you love amidst the craziness of pregnancy. While the trip didn't allow us to be completely removed from our responsibilities back home, going out of state did somehow give us permission to prioritize each other over everything else. We tried not to talk about the baby and rather focus on each other and getting to know each other again. With me working so much and him in school we sometimes have to set aside an actual date night in order to find out about each other's day! I have such an amazing staff at work who did their very best to make sure that I could relax as much as possible, and I'm so grateful for them!