Kavita's Pregnancy Blog: Week 30

My Fitness Routine this Week:
Gina Koske to the rescue! It's so amazing to work with a Pilates instructor who is so comfortable with a maternity body. Her workouts feel amazing and make my baby feel comfortable while keeping me supported, the thing I benefit from the most is the fun of the session!

When working with a trainer, it's so important to find someone who not only loves what they do, but loves helping you. Gina genuinely makes me laugh and grin at every session and takes a real interest in my pregnancy. You can see by the pictures of our workout that I get an emotional lift when I work out with her! Enjoying your workouts will keep you motivated to come back, which means you will get results!

If you have found that your workout partner doesn't keep you motivated or make you excited to come work out, it might be time to find a trainer! They know exactly when to keep things light-hearted and when to get serious. Try one out today!

My Beauty Routine this Week:
I had one goal this week: pull off a LBD!

When you work out nearly every day, a little black dress (LBD) seems exciting, sexy, and makes you feel crazy confident. Pregnant women don't always have these attributes in large quantities, so I figured it was time to get my groove back!

While most women might have gone out to a maternity store and gotten a new dress, I pulled out a stretchy-but not too stretchy- dress that I already owned. Showing off my belly in a more form-fitting outfit actually helps me to feel like I am more in shape and not quite so frumpy. I felt absolutely radiant, and the slimming effect of a body-hugging black dress helped me to feel sexier than I have felt in quite a while!

My biggest tip for dressing a baby bump for a night out? Choose a material that has some give, but make sure that it is a heavier-weight material as flimsier materials will show every bulge and strap!

How I'm Feeling this Week:
I got hit by a little bit of a bug this last week, so I have felt tired, nauseated, and feverish. However, we also got our crib delivered this last week, so I am more excited than ever to meet my little man!

Now that the weeks of pregnancy are in the final countdown (10 to go!) I am scrambling to figure out what appointments I have not made, what supplies we need to get, and registering for baby supplies. While it seems like I can't remember life before I was pregnant, I also feel like it has flown by. I have been sharing my journey with our Total Woman family for 14 weeks now, and it seems like I just started yesterday!

My favorite thing might be that now I am pregnant enough for strangers to comfortably ask me "boy or girl?" It really solidifies that I am in the final trimester, and that there is no mistaking this baby for a burger! It's also crazy how many people have not noticed my pregnant belly before now. This shows me how differently I view my body than the rest of the world does. I thought I was showing like crazy at 16 weeks, but look at me now!