Kavita's Pregnancy Blog: Week 29

My Fitness Routine this Week:
In my personal training session with Megan Magee this week we started making some adjustments to the weights I was using. It's important to remember that when your body weight goes up, the weight you are using needs to reflect this new information to prevent overloading your muscles. Because I have gained about 15 pounds, Megan did not have me use any weight when doing lower body exercises, as this would be about the same as me holding two 7.5 pound weights. Usually we train with slightly more weight than 15 pounds, but since I hadn't really done any weight training for a week we decided to play it safe.

Pregnant bodies react similarly to older bodies in that they need a longer warm-up and cool-down to remain safe. Blood pressure fluctuates in pregnancy, so a proper warm-up and cool-down means that there is less chance of dizziness, nausea, or feeling light-headed. This means exercises can be done in proper form and activate the correct muscles making it as effective as possible!

My Beauty Routine this Week:
I got my very first prenatal massage!

Total Woman is so proud to hire therapists who are certified in prenatal massage. (Not all therapists feel comfortable working on expecting mothers, so make sure that you disclose your pregnancy when booking a massage so that you can get someone who will make you feel secure and fabulous!) I did not feel much strain on my muscles or joints until quite recently, so I hadn't really thought about getting a massage before now.

The biggest thing to know about pregnancy massage is that it is definitely different from a normal massage. It still feels amazing and wonderful, but for someone like me who religiously gets deep tissue massages with the heaviest pressure this was new. Pregnant women are laid on one side or the other for the majority of the massage since we can't lay on our backs or stomachs, so the angles that the massage therapists uses do not put as much pressure on certain spots as they would if I were lying face-down. There are also certain pressure points which can trigger contractions that the massage therapist must massage differently, and those are the spots where I usually like them to dig in!

My biggest regret is not getting regular prenatal massages, and here is why: As I received my massage, I realized how much I needed a mental break. Many times expectant mothers feel like the people around her are already helping her so much and feel bad asking for more, so having someone dote on me for 50 minutes without any guilt was a welcome relief. I think especially for us ladies who need to be in control and have a plan it would be extremely beneficial to have this mental break. The other reason I think I should have been getting massaged more regularly is because I would not need the deep tissue services if I were keeping up with my massages better. This massage would have been plenty if it wasn't the first one I was getting in my pregnancy. Total Woman's TW and Elite membership offers members monthly spa services which can help members with this very concern! After my massage, I noticed that while exercising my form and posture looked better and my breathing was smoother. Imagine how much more effective my workouts could have been this whole time!

How I am Feeling this Week:
This week we went in for a 3D/4D ultrasound of our son! For those who may not know, a 3D ultrasound allows you to see more clearly a picture of your baby's facial features rather than the black and white version you usually get from the OB/GYN, a 4D ultrasound just includes the sound of the baby's heartbeat. He was not facing the right way at first, so I had to walk around and poke him a little before he turned over. Once he did, it was evident by the pictures that he wasn't happy I had woken him up!

Seeing the little facial features of our baby was absolutely breathtaking. I can't believe he already has such distinguished characteristics! I have also been nervous about if our little boy has been gaining enough weight because I have been so sick during my pregnancy, but after seeing the chubby cheeks that he already has I think he's doing just fine! I can't wait to see them in person!