Kavita's Pregnancy Blog: Week 26

My Fitness Routine this Week:
I was able to do another session of training with Megan Magee this week! Theresa, the fitness manager did the session with me. It was nice to have a buddy with me to encourage me through the tougher exercises.

I don't usually notice the 10 pounds I have gained so far in my pregnancy, but when I start doing lunges and squats I definitely notice! Mommies, don't forget to calculate your extra body weight into your routine when deciding how much weight to use for an exercise.

Megan took Theresa and I through some great weight training exercises. She trained us in a style called "super-setting." This type of training uses one muscle group for a set of exercises and then immediately uses the opposing muscle group after. The purpose of this type of training is that an entire area of your body gets worked a little harder before it is allowed to rest. It's a little more intense and should not be done if you are new to weight training without supervision from a qualified professional. However, once you are trained enough to use it the benefits are wonderful, and the strength gains are noticeable quite quickly.


My Beauty Routine this Week:
We had a wonderful event at our Torrance club promoting the skin care line I use - Skin Authority! Participants were able to come and receive the professional resurfacing facial and learn more about the products. In preparation for this event, I made sure that I was being dedicated in my skin care routine so that I could show off my results to everyone trying the line out for the first time!

I've mentioned this before, but one of my favorite finds from this line is the Vita-D serum. Vitamin D is important for insulin production, muscle development, and hormone stabilization. Vitamin D acts more like a hormone in the body than a vitamin, and there are very few people who actually have a sufficient amount in their body. Our bodies can actually produce vitamin D through sun exposure, but many people do not realize that there has to be a certain amount of vitamin D already in our bodies for this process to work. Since I have darker skin, I have a little more "natural sunscreen" from extra melanin, meaning that the vitamin D which would normally be produced through sun exposure has a tougher time getting to me. Vitamin D pills are absorbed very poorly by the body, so applying it topically allows our bodies to absorb exponentially more than we could otherwise! Applying the serum is especially important to me now, as a vitamin D deficiency would be passed on from me to my baby. I want to make sure my little guy has as many advantages as possible from day 1!

How I'm Feeling this Week:
I am absolutely exhausted these days, but in good spirits. My little boy has begun kicking so hard that he is actually waking me up between 3 and 4am every morning! While I am always initially annoyed to be awake, I lay in amazement and the strength that he is gaining. I'm thankful for every kick, punch, and flip that I get to experience! Sometimes I feel guilty for getting to enjoy these moments alone with my baby while my husband is clueless. It's easy to understand why mothers are so much more bonded to their unborn babies than fathers. We get to share so many moments and even establish routines before they even arrive! My baby has started to regulate his schedule, and I pretty much know when I will likely be waking up to care for him when he gets here.

I try to keep the radio off in my commute to and from work so that I can actively be talking to my baby who can hear rather clearly now. In a world that is always so loud, I really want my little boy to be able to recognize and be comforted by the sound of my voice. While I don't always know what to say, it is good to train myself to just be content with the company of my baby without media. He is already training me to be a more attentive mom!