Kavita's Pregnancy Blog: Week 25

My Fitness Routine this Week:
One word, TIGHT. All my muscles seem tight right now. This week has been all about stretching my muscles out.

Gina Koske led me in another session of reformer Pilates where she helped me stretch out many areas that have tightened up as my little boy gets bigger. My obliques (the sides of my abdomen) are getting very tight as my uterus expands, so Gina did quite a bit of side stretching and gentle twisting. Remember, twisting must be very gentle and controlled when you are pregnant, so having a trainer nearby to monitor your movements is a great idea. The back of my legs and my lower back have also tightened up as my walking pattern changes to accommodate my center of gravity moving, so we also worked quite a bit with exercises that gently stretched these areas. My little guy has been moving around quite a bit since then- he must love having a little extra room to wiggle! Thanks Gina!

My Beauty Routine this Week:
My skin has actually been doing pretty well as far as hydration is concerned, but I have had a little resurgence of acne pop up. Whenever this happens, I pull out my Skin Authority calming mask! The mask doesn't contain any ingredients which are contra-indicated for pregnant women, but does contain sulfur which helps to dry out any blemishes. If I have a larger breakout I put the mask on a clean face for 10 minutes while I soak in the tub. More often than not, I use the mask as a spot treatment at night. After cleansing my face, applying treatment serum and moisturizer, I apply a small dot of the mask directly to the blemish. Make sure to let it dry before you lay down on your pillow! In the morning, I wash the product off and proceed to my normal morning skin care routine. The blemish will be reduced in size, inflammation, and redness!

How I'm Feeling this Week:
I had a great reminder this week of the fragility of a pregnant body. While my body is extremely strong and capable right now, I'm also knocked down every once in a while when I don't respect my limits. On Independence Day, I was out in the sun for about 6-7 hours. It wasn't particularly hot, and I stayed in the shade for most of the time. I enjoyed some traditional BBQ food and had a great time! The next day, however, I felt completely sick and had to stay in bed all day.

I think I can narrow down how I felt to two things: One, while I did drink water, I didn't hydrate more than I would have pre-pregnancy. Since I have someone else sharing my blood right now, the water I drank wasn't enough to keep me adequately hydrated. I also opted for some sugary drinks which don't hydrate quite as well as water while adding empty calories to my diet. The second thing I most likely did wrong was eat food that was not refrigerated/heated properly. Any meat that isn't still hot and thoroughly cooked really shouldn't be consumed by a pregnant woman. Things like macaroni or potato salad shouldn't be eaten unless they are homemade and kept on ice. At a large BBQ, you can imagine that neither of these guidelines were met. Mommies, don't think for one second that your body won't remind you to adjust your habits to accommodate your tiny passenger. I was grateful for the reminder to coordinate my lifestyle to my prenatal status.