Kavita's Pregnancy Blog: Week 23

My Fitness Routine this week:
My baby and I did Reformer Pilates with Pilates Trainer, Gina, this week. Gina is a certified Pilates and Personal Trainer, as well as a Group Fitness instructor at the Total Woman Torrance location. Gina has been with the company for quite a few years and always has a smile on her face!

Gina modified my moves on the reformer so that I was never laying completely flat which is dangerous for pregnant women because it constricts blood flow to the baby. She had me slightly angled on the reformer and had pillows supporting my head and neck. She made sure to check if I felt comfortable with every move which was extremely reassuring. She also used a great visual by telling me "imagine you are hugging the baby" as a way to get me to engage the proper muscles in my core. This helped me to envision my new shape with a new perspective!
Posture tends to be a problem for pregnant women, and Pilates is a great solution. Gina also took extra care to make sure I was not over-extending my limbs since pregnant women tend to be a little more flexible than usual. This helped me keep control of my movements and helped prevent injury.
I think my favorite part about working with Gina on the Pilates reformer was how elegant I felt – a feeling I haven’t felt very much of lately. As I get larger I feel clumsier, and the fluid movements of Pilates made me feel like I had reclaimed my previous grace! Thanks Gina!

My Beauty Routine this week:
Thanks to the heat, I have been hitting the pool a lot! Pregnancy skin is prone to dark spots, sensitivity, and acne, so in order to protect my skin and prevent these issues, I make sure I hav5e some sunscreen or moisturizer with a high SPF on at all times.
I also try to treat myself to some special pampering every few weeks. One of my favorite products is a foot peel by Babyfoot, available at certain Total Woman locations. This product includes a solution that you use to cover your feet with for about 20 minutes. The peel is not immediate, but after a few days the solution sloughs off dead skin in layers. The product works best when you wear socks and shoes for approximately a week after use. Plus, sticking to shoes and socks will hide the peeling from the public. Hint: I would DEFINITELY avoid using this a few days before you plan to go to the beach. Trust me, EVERYONE will know that your feet are peeling, and no amount of lotion will be able to hide it! Once the sloughing is complete, your feet are baby soft! Even deep callouses are removed through this process, so be careful about using it close to outings where you plan to walk a lot for extended periods of time. This product does contain some ingredients which certain doctors may not recommend for their pregnant patients. My doctor gave me the OK to use this product, but make sure you ask your doctor first.
How I’m feeling this week:
I'm feeling extremely excited! As I mentioned last week, I have begun my childbirth classes. I would recommend that every mommy-to-be check with her insurance network to see what types of educationalclasses are offered. I have Kaiser, and while some classes carry a small fee they do offer quite a few free classes for both parents. These classes range from basic baby care to breastfeeding to labor preparation.
One of the biggest realizations I have had is how much a healthy, strong body can benefit the labor process. Not everyone is able to do hour long workouts during their pregnancy, and that's OK! What is important is that we can use different opportunities to keep our bodies healthy and strong as we progress through a pregnancy. Get creative with your exercise routine. Maybe you can get in some bicep curls with the gallon of milk in the fridge, or just enjoy a nice walk after dinner. But most importantly, listen to your body. If you’re tired or worn down, feel free to take a short nap.  
If you're having trouble figuring out how to incorporate healthy habits into your days, let us know! We would love to help you out!