Kavita's Pregnancy Blog: Week 22

How I'm feeling:
I feel like my belly took so long to pop out, but now that it's here it seems to be growing noticeably bigger every single day! I have begun my second trimester childbirth classes, and have finally been able to start working out with a Total Woman trainer!
My fitness this week:
This week I worked with a trainer at the Torrance location named Megan Magee. Megan recently completed her Masters of Kinesiology and is extremely talented when it comes to program training. I told her of my restrictions before our workout, and she modified the moves according to my restrictions.
One thing that really stood out to me about my workout with Megan was the attention she paid to my new lack of balance. She made sure that I had my weight evenly distributed with every move, and when needed, she made sure I had access to something to hold onto for stability. This helped me to focus on my muscle movements and my breathing. As you can see from one of the pictures, even with these modifications my balance wasn't perfect; just imagine if she had not made these modifications! We did a lot of work on my lower body which seems to be the area that I have lost the most strength in the shortest amount of time. She also made sure that I had an adequate warm up and cool down before and after my workout.
My beauty this week:
Since my belly has started expanding a little more rapidly, I have focused on moisturizing this area. I make sure that I use a heavy Shea butter in the evenings and coconut oil in the mornings. Through the day, I use Skin Authority's Shea, Fig, and Olive Oil moisturizer. I try to make sure that anytime I feel itching I resist the urge to scratch and take it as a sign to moisturize instead! I hope that by taking these steps, I’ll be able to avoid stretch marks after my pregnancy.