Kavita's Pregnancy Blog: Week 18

Week 18

My Fitness Routine:
While I have not yet rid myself of nausea, I have decided that because of the fatigue I feel the need to step up my fitness routine and do some real workouts; I have started some super slow motion training with Theresa (Fitness Manager in Torrance) for short periods of time (15-20 minutes). This type of training not only keeps me from bouncing (possible nausea trigger!!), but it allows me to really focus on my form and balance. It feels amazing to isolate some muscles that have been neglected during the inactivity of my first trimester. Because all the repetitions of the exercises are performed slowly, I am able to feel my muscles working and tiring out after only 5 repetitions! The training is geared toward someone who wants to see definition quickly. As a personal trainer myself, I love to use this method on clients who have weak or overworked joints, as well as those clients who do not have great balance. This training method is also great to help bust through plateaus. Keep in mind that this type of training does require some extra recovery time, so make sure to consult with a personal trainer if you are interested so they can teach you safe and effective workouts that are tailored to the results you are seeking!
I'm not going to lie and say that it's easy to work out while feeling nauseas. It's definitely a challenge I have never had to contend with before. My personal feeling is that as long as my baby is healthy and growing properly it's worth it for me to work through nausea. Every time a wave creeps up I just think to myself that as a worst-case scenario the nausea will end when the baby comes! While that day still feels a LONG way off, it is reassuring to tell myself that it will end, even if it's not as soon as I would like.
My Beauty Routine:
I have not been as diligent in my skincare routine as I should have been, but I have added a new player into my Skin Authority arsenal! After doing a free consultation with a Skin Coach at Skin Authority, I decided to pick up the Ultra Rich Moisturizer for my night routine. I absolutely love the texture, and my dehydrated skin drinks in every ounce of the moisturizer, leaving my skin protected and able to repair itself during the night. The Skin Coaching session is available to all Total Woman members and can be done over the phone or via the downloadable Skin Authority app. I encourage everyone to take advantage of this service, especially as we enter the Summer months when your skincare regimen might need to be modified a bit due to weather.

How I'm Feeling:
Tired!!! I attributed a lot of my fatigue in the first trimester to my nausea and changing body, but I had hoped to see a boost in energy my second trimester. After doing a bit of research, I found that many pregnant women experience a drop in blood pressure their second trimester which can contribute to dizziness or feeling light-headed. While I am planning on meeting with my doctor to check and see if this is a factor for me, it's good to know that I need to take extra care when sitting or standing quickly so that I don't lose my balance. Right now, my biggest obstacle is watching a full television show after 6pm without falling asleep!