Get Movin' for Valentine's Day: Active Date Ideas

Did you know that engaging in physical activity with your partner can increase the happiness in the relationship and improve the efficiency of your workout? Skip the candies and cuddles this Valentine’s Day and go on a date that science claims will truly increase your emotional bond with your significant other. Check out our active date suggestions below!

Take a Hike

Taking your date on a hike is a great way to create a personal, memorable experience for both of you. You can enhance this excitement of discovery by reading up on the area you’ll be hiking in advance. Learn about interesting geological features, wildlife, or plants, and share this newfound information with your date if there’s a lull in the conversation.


You will have so much fun during paintball that even if you lose (which you won’t) it will be impossible to not have a great time. Studies have shown there is a positive correlation between adrenaline and attraction, so all of the running, ducking, and dodging you’ll be doing during a paint balling session with your partner can ultimately make you more attracted to him or her.



Have a love of the great outdoors? Sometimes it’s good to take a break from the normal gym routine and fully enjoy the benefits derived from going outside, like improved memory and attention. Camping is the perfect opportunity to take full advantage of these perks with a partner, all while putting your boy scout (or girl scout) skills to the test. The best part of a camping trip is the variety of activities to participate in while you are there, like kayaking, hiking and fishing. Boredom will never be an option.

paddle boarding

Paddle boarding can easily be a romantic way to spend a late afternoon with a date. This activity is great for all skill levels, and is actually quite the core workout once you get the hang of it. Expect plenty of opportunity to make conversation and consider bringing a waterproof cover for your phone so you can take plenty of pictures. We recommend going right before nightfall so you have a chance to witness the sun setting over the water’s horizon.


Get in touch with your partner and reconnect through yoga! Practice poses as a couple and share inner dynamics. Take a class and learn to help each other go deeper into alignment and help each other with hands on adjustments.


Dancing is also a great way to spend some time getting close. Whether you are out at a club or taking a ballroom dancing class, you and your honey get to spend time in each others arms. Latin ballroom dances (salsa, tango, cha-cha, etc) are especially sexy.

Who said that going on dates should be limited to the movie house, bars, or restaurants? Going fit is just as enjoyable as other date ideas and the best part is that you both are treating your bodies as well.


What are your plans this Valentine's Day?