Kavita's Pregnancy Blog: Week 41!

How I'm Feeling This Week:
Slightly irritated that this kid isn't here yet! Week 41 saw me in antenatal care making sure that my body could still sustain this tiny guy. The extra time in the womb is surprisingly exhausting, and we've already been in the hospital once for false labor. I'll be induced within the next 24 hours of writing this, so the next update will be a baby picture!

My Fitness Routine This Week:
Walking, bouncing on a stability ball, and lots of soothing baths. Get this kid down South!

My Beauty Routine This Week:
The biggest thing I need now is sleep. I'm sneaking in naps at any chance I get. I'll need the energy for the large task at hand! To compensate for restless nights which have been interrupted by the random contraction, I've been using Image brand Maxx eye cream to battle puffiness. It keeps me looking rested and radiant!