Kavita's Pregnancy Blog: Week 38

How I'm Feeling this Week:
I feel like it is appropriate that my baby is due in October because although this will be our first baby, this is not my first pregnancy. Our first pregnancy ended in early miscarriage, before we ever even got to see a sonogram or hear a heartbeat. I think this baby was sent to me to make sure that I would be truly aware of how lucky I am to be carrying a healthy baby to full term in a healthy pregnancy.

October is national infant loss awareness month in order to pay tribute to those who have experienced miscarriage, a stillborn, or lost an infant. I have so many women close to me who have experienced one of these losses and have witnessed so much strength. One in four women will experience one of these losses in her life. This month, let's speak to each other with a little more kindness and patience. You never know who may be remembering someone they have lost.

My Fitness Routine this Week::
Because the baby has dropped so low, my lower back is experiencing much more strain than it was before. In addition to my strength training exercises, I have been using an exercise ball to not only strengthen my core, but take pressure off my low back. I will sit on the ball while I watch TV or work on the computer to engage all my posture muscles. When I'm ready to stretch, I kneel in front of the ball and drape my arms and chest over it and let my weight sink into the ball. This takes strain off my low back and gives the baby room to adjust into a comfortable position. This is actually a common position for women in labor to relieve contraction pain!

My Beauty Routine this Week:
Because of my sore low back, I have been taking baths nearly every night to relieve the pressure. This means lots of face masks! The heat from a bath allows your pores to open, letting the mask work it's way deeper into your skin. If you have a mask recommended by your Esthetician, this is a great way to get the best benefit from the product. Make sure to moisturize after a hot bath as they can dry out your skin!