Kavitas Pregnancy Blog: Week 37

How I'm feeling:
The name of the game is keeping baby in at this point! As you can see from the picture, that's some low hanging fruit! My Braxton hicks contractions are showing up more frequently, especially after long car commutes. I got some henna work done on my belly to decorate my bump one last time before it goes away!

My fitness routine:
With the last minute chaos of preparing for baby, walking is not only an easy form of exercise to sneak in, but allows me to clear my head, slow down, and take some deep breaths. I love the light in the fall, so I try to take as many walks outdoors as I can. My other form of exercise has been getting my home Halloween ready for our own little pumpkin! Remember, everything you do burns a certain amount of calories, and household chores are no different! (How's that for motivation to vacuum the living room?)

My beauty routine:
Water, water, and more water. Not only does it help keep my skin clear and digestive system moving, but it helps prevent stretch marks and premature contractions. Drink up!