Kavita's Pregnancy Blog: Week 39

My Fitness Routine This Week:
Stairs, squats, and walking. Any chance I get to sneak one of these exercises into my routine, I do! The other thing I sneak in as often as possible is... NAPPING! I'm trying to get as much rest as possible before our little guy arrives, not only because I will definitely miss out on some sleep with a newborn, but also because I don't know when I will go into labor and if I will be faced with a long, sleepless night! Labor is a physical act, and I can't imagine having a good experience if I am overly tired. Listen to your bodies ladies! If you need rest, get rest! I promise everyone will forgive you.

My Beauty Routine This Week:
I have developed PUPPS, which is an itchy rash some women get in their third trimester of pregnancy. No fun! To offset the itching, my doctor has me taking an antihistamine. I'm also slathering my rash with coconut oil every chance I get as it offers some relief to the symptoms. Luckily the rash goes away quickly once the baby is born.

How I'm Feeling This Week:
I just want to see his little face! I've been nesting like crazy and trying to enjoy the last few days of my husband's undivided attention before he is busy smothering a tiny face with kisses!