Cathy Alessandra - Total Woman Gym success story and Author of "Yes I Can: The Mindset, Mantra and Motivation for Success"!

What do you feel is your biggest improvement/change?
Overall health and wellness. When I joined Total Woman, I weighed 216 lbs. I was uncomfortable, on blood pressure medication and could hardly walk 30 minutes on the treadmill. I've lost 70 lbs, I'm off medications and I'm having more fun and doing things that my weight and self-consciousness held me back from doing!

Favorite exercise?
It started as treadmill and then recumbent bike. I like the weights too! I'm not a "class" type of person so this gave me lots of options without having to participate in a class environment.

Least favorite exercise?
The elliptical!

What is your favorite part about working out at Total Woman?
I love it being all women! When I started, I was heavy. I felt very self-conscious at the other gyms with skinny women and muscular men. But at Total Woman, I didn't feel judged. There are still skinny women, but we are all there for fitness, not a pick up place! I also love the spa! I reward myself with a massage when I reach my goals!

What keeps you motivated?
Seeing the scale go down and my energy go up! It is a daily task – one step at a time. But knowing how much better I feel and how I can keep up with my kids, it keeps me motivated! I used to say no to physical activities with my children and my husband because I knew I would fall behind and slow them down. I missed out on a lot! Not any more!

How do you fit Total Woman into your life?
It's a commitment and a priority. I schedule it into my week – no excuses! I travel a lot with my business – so I work my exercise in around those days, sometimes even hitting the hotel gym. I make time for me – and Total Woman is where I spend part of it!

Words of advice for people struggling to get started or stay consistent?
With even the smallest goal. Yes, you may have a big weight loss goal, or you are training for a 10k. While that big goal may seem overwhelming and so far away, start focusing on the now - the daily victories by going to the gym, the weekly progress on the scale and the overall health benefits you'll feel after just a few weeks.

You are worth it!