At Total Woman, we love summertime. It's such a busy time for everyone; kids are on summer break, there are barbecues galore, and the warm water at our beaches call to us. With everything going on in our lives, making it in to the gym can be difficult. But don't despair! Here at Total Woman we have devised our 30-Day Challenge to help you get your workout done in half the time, but you still get the maximum benefit.

For the month of June, we have enlisted one of our top Personal Training and wellness coaches, Carolyn Barnes, to give us her best tips and tricks to burn more calories during our cardio workouts in the gym; giving us more time to spend enjoying the summer.

Watch the video below to learn more from Carolyn. By implementing a few of these tips, you're going to achieve amazing results using any of the cardio machines at Total Woman, including our treadmills, Stairmaster, bikes or elliptical machines. And, as a side note, if you have knee problems, elliptical and bikes are great options for keeping weight off your knees, but still giving you a heart-pumping workout.

Join the challenge on our Facebook page. Plan your cardio days on your own, or use the guide below to plan your workout schedule for June. So let's stay fit in less time this summer! We know you can do it. Good luck!