10 Reasons to Choose a Gym with Childcare


If you’re a new mom, or have just added to your existing family, to say that your life has changed rather dramatically lately would be gross understatement. Carving out “me time” these days is like trying to finish one of those impossible thousand-piece jigsaw puzzles. The pieces never quite fit together.

Though whipping your body back to its pre-pregnancy shape is a top priority, finding those precious workout moments, when you’ve got constant—albeit sweet and lovely—company, is challenging. The solution: Gyms with childcare. Below, ten reasons why a fitness center with childcare is the best of all workout worlds to reclaim and maintain your desired level of fitness. 

Burn Calories

Love the baby. Hate the “baby weight!” Losing those pounds that helped nourish Junior requires some extra effort, especially if you’re finding yourself sharing Junior’s snacks all day. Playing with the kids on the floor is not going to cut it. With your kids safely ensconced in a gym with childcare near you, you can counter those excess pounds with a great calorie burning workout and start seeing the person you remember in the mirror.


Sometimes the hardest part of having little ones is getting it together to get all of you out the door. A gym with daycare can motivate you to pack up the troops and get your show on the road. Once you are out of the house and energized by a fun, focused workout, you can continue your road trip and check off some of your to-do list. It will be great to see what the outside world is up to.


A gym with daycare will have something you are most likely missing at your house: Other moms. Before and after your workout, you can share war stories with women who understand and appreciate your juggling act and trade valuable baby related information. You’ll have as much fun making new friends as your kids will.


The stress and exhaustion of caring for little ones full-time is in a class by itself. Nothing relieves that angst and infuses us with new energy like exercise. Once the body gets moving and starts releasing endorphins, the world instantly looks like a brighter, more manageable place. The more relaxed you are, the more that will translate into creating a tranquil, happy environment for your children. Gyms with childcare allow you to recharge so you can stay on top of your mom game at all times.

Get Motivated

Gyms with childcare reinforce a very important truth: You are not in this alone. All post-pregnancy women are fighting the same battle to restore their former figures. Challenging, encouraging and supporting each other is like having comrades in arms. As you celebrate each other’s small victories, you will be more motivated to achieve your own goals.

Control the Remote

While your kid is safely and happily doing the kid thing in daycare nearby, you can put on your headphones and block out the world while working out to your favorite show. Not Dora the Explorer or Bubble Guppies. Something with real humans over the age of 6. It will be a treat for both body and mind.

Save Money

A fitness center with childcare included is essentially giving you twice the bang for your buck. Eliminating the need to choose between joining a gym and paying a babysitter, a gym with daycare means having your goldfish crackers and eating them too.

A Little Romance

While your little ones are busy making friends in gym daycare, couples can take the opportunity to spend some quality gym time together. Pick a class you both love, pull up a couple of neighboring treadmills, or head to the weight room to teach each other the latest moves you learned from your trainer. It’s a couple hours to enjoy each other while getting in shape. Two birds. One stone.

Be a Role Model

As going to the gym with Mom becomes part of a child’s routine, the fitness message becomes indelibly imprinted and will impact his or her future commitment to healthy living. It’s a clear case of do as I say as well as what I do!

A Win-Win for All

Providing an outlet for parents to exercise, relax and socialize, and a fun active outing for kids, gyms with daycare are a great resource that benefits the whole family. Everybody wins!