Afro Soul
a style of dance that embodies African roots, but is fun and high energy like Zumba.

The Barre class is a cross between Pilates, ballet, and yoga. This class specifically balances cardio and resistance training.

Booty Buffer
This strength conditioning circuit class targets your glutes, hips, legs, and abs to fun musical selections. Equipment such as weights, bosu balls, steps, and etc. will be used during class. All levels are welcome.

Cardio Kick
A cardio based class that focuses on enhancing your kickboxing skills.

Hatha Yoga
Using deep stretching to increase flexibility and release tension.  Yoga sequences are designed to increase vitality, strength and improve balance. Gain a deeper understanding of the mind-body connection and re-energize your spirit.

Fit ’n Flirty
Fit ’n Flirty is a follow-along style dance class in which choreographed movements are incorporated into the cardio combinations. The goal of this class is self-empowerment through sensual movement.  Anyone can do it!


This high energy action packed class is design to get you moving using traditional kickboxing techniques combined with cardio to get your metabolism KICKIN! Come get a strengthening sweat experience to the latest and hottest music.

Oula Power
a strength/conditioning class with elements of HIIT, yoga and dance choreographed to Top 40’s music. It’s not how it looks, it’s how it feels.

Slow Flow Yoga
Connect with the breath and find balance between the body and mind. Learn the basics of body alignment and gain better strength and flexibility by holding classic yoga postures using blocks and straps. Great way to build balance and focus. Beginners welcome.

Strength Training
A unique low impact, high intensity body transforming program designed to build strength & gain flexibility.

Strengthen & Lengthen
Create a long and lean physique and maximize your posture with a dynamic and unique mixture of Pilates and strength conditioning techniques. Wonderfully intense and relaxing at the same time.  This will be a mentally challenging but fun class that is both uplifting and flowing.

Vinyassa Flow
Challenge the body to flow through yoga sequences including postures that stretch and strengthen the muscles around the spine, the legs, the arms, basically the entire body! Class will move quickly and will lead to a “fun” pose at the end. Intermediate level.

Yin Yoga
This class offers a chance to recharge, rejuvenate and reconnect that blends yoga practice, relaxation, meditation and healthy living. Rev. Dr. Louise-Diana’s intuitive approach to yoga masterfully guides you into poses and movements that release chronic tension and dissolve energy blocks to untie the web of knots that binds physical, emotional and mental clarity. Learn to take cues from your inner self to move through poses safely and creatively. The class is set to a unique music mix blend of world dance beats, and offers an inspiring message and a deeply relaxing finish.

Zumba is a fusion of Latin and international music with exciting unique moves utilizing the principles of fitness interval training with easy to follow dance steps.

Zumba Gold
A lighter side of Zumba but with the same Latin flavor and fabulous music!