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Total Woman Fitness & Spa Online Club

Turn into the best version of yourself and put your health in order through fitness training, massages, sauna use, and proper dieting. Follow the advice in our articles and look into the equipment we review to get a better sense of what you need for this long-awaited transformation.

Cardio training or strength training? Regardless of which fitness routine you prefer, what is certain is that you need the right equipment to achieve your body transformation goals and look proudly in the mirror to see the results you expected.

Following the advice of fitness experts and doing research and testing of our own, we rounded up the best training equipment there is. All of the products we reviewed are recommended by experts and popular in gyms, helping you turn your home into a veritable fitness sanctuary.

After an intense workout, call it a day and get a massage or relax in a sauna.

Spa treatments are known for their beneficial results for both the body and the mind. Enter a complete state of physical and mental relaxation by rounding up your own set of spa equipment that you can use on your terms after grueling workout sessions. Relaxed muscles and an invigorated, refreshed you are some of the perks you are bound to enjoy after a sweat session in a sauna or after getting a much-needed massage.

You can even spoil the senses through aromatherapy sessions and similar treatments that will have you enter a complete state of euphoria. There are a few items that all professional spas have in their arsenal. To enjoy the experience without leaving the house, you need these spa essentials. Only then can you start relieving mental and physical stress as soon as it peaks its ugly head.


Self-Care Practices
You Must Take Up

Spa and fitness wouldn't mean much without proper beauty and self-care practices. Keep an eye on your evolution to make sure health stats are in check, take care of skin health not only the way it looks, and make sure that you think about how healthy your meals are too, not only about how intense your workouts are or how much you sauna every day. As long as you don't neglect the small details, the bigger picture will look and feel perfect.

Love Yourself Enough To
Live A Healthy Lifestyle

Gadgets & Tech

Gadgets can make a big difference in your mood when you train, some even influencing your results. From performance trackers to simple music listening devices, workout gadgets are an integral part of the modern person's fitness routine.

Latest News

January 19, 2022

14 Best Rated Home In-Ground Basketball Hoops

You cannot play basketball without a hoop, so why not invest in a qualitative one that can last you for years? In-ground hoops are designed to provide the ultimate rigidity, a feature that will decide in the end the quality of your practice sessions. Moreover, they come with wide, solid backboards and flexible rims that help to create the real-life game experience.
December 7, 2021

12 Best Rated Portable Basketball Hoops – In-Depth Reviews

If you want to have fun in your backyard and be active in the meanwhile, then you should consider buying a portable basketball hoop. No more having to go all the way to a local court to play ball as you will be able to do it in your own backyard.
December 1, 2021

13 Best Rated Home Pilates Reformer Machine For A Balanced Body

Want to diversify your Pilates routine at home with a reformer, or you have a studio and you seek professional Pilates equipment to fill it with? Then check out the best reformers to perform all the Pilates exercises that you can think of here.
November 30, 2021

16 Most Comfortable Sports Bras Reviewed – Stay Safe & Comfortable During Workouts

Comfort is of utter importance when you're running or doing any type of sport and physical activity. Thus, for your comfort and safety as well, you should wear a sports bra that was specifically designed to make you feel at ease without restricting your movements and while protecting your breasts.
November 25, 2021

10 Best Rated Ice Therapy Machines to Optimize Recovery – In-Depth Reviews

Quiet, compact, and efficient are terms that describe the models in this review. If you want to limit pain, inflammation, and discomfort after surgery or an injury, you should consider one of the models we propose.
November 22, 2021

14 Best Rated Microdermabrasion Machine Kits – 2021 Unbiased Reviews

Do salon cosmetic treatments take too much of your time and money? Or you’ve decided to turn towards a more natural, chemical-free method that can help you improve your skin clarity and radiance? No matter the answer, you will find everything you need in a microdermabrasion machine. Check out our article for more information and a great selection of models.
November 19, 2021

12 Best Rated Facial Steamers for Hydrating and Softening Skin

For a professional beauty facial treatment at home, opt for a face steamer machine. Facial steaming retrieves the health of your skin by efficiently unclogging pores and gently moisturizing the skin. For enjoying superior results, we selected and compared the best facial steamers. Keep reading to discover more about the steamers and the benefits of facial steaming.
November 18, 2021

17 Best Rated Water Ionizers for Sport Athletes – Improves Exercise Performance

Physical activities and hydration go hand in hand, not only when it comes to athletic performance but health overall. To get the best results, drinking enough water before, during, and after workouts is a must. If you want to see real benefits, however, alkaline water is the solution. Learn from our article why and how you can get it via water ionizers.
November 16, 2021

13 Best Rated Kettlebells for Beginners and Professionals

Kettlebells can help you increase the rhythm of your training and get faster results. Take a look at our selection and build a strong set that can provide you with high-quality strength training for many years to come.
November 15, 2021

13 Best Rated Ionic Foot Baths to Remove Toxins – In-Depth Reviews

This product will allow you to detoxify and restore your health naturally. If used constantly, you will be able to see positive results in your health. This review has included the most efficient ionic baths on the market.
November 13, 2021

13 Best Rated Shapewear for Women – In-Depth Unbiased Reviews

Tummy fat and love handles are something most women dread, but you can look perfect in anything you plan on wearing with the right trick up your sleeve - the body shaper! Comfortable to wear and providing the needed compression to keep excess fatty areas in check, it will make you look like a cover girl even though you haven't reached your desired figure through exercise and diet yet.
November 8, 2021

16 Best Rated Inversion Tables for Lower Back Pain

The inversion tables have become some of the most popular products for relieving back pains. With a quality piece of equipment, you can comfortably relieve back pain naturally in your own home. There are dozens of models on the market, so it may be quite difficult to choose the best option for your needs. However, each model comes with different features, so it shouldn't be so complicated to choose the model that suits your needs.
November 6, 2021

12 Most Effective Full Body Stretching Machines – In-Depth Reviews

Stretching has plenty of benefits for the human body. It keeps the muscles supple and helps you have better mobility. If you are interested in acquiring a stretch trainer that can help you with your daily exercise routine, take a look at our comparison to discover the best models of the moment.
November 5, 2021

15 Best Rated Doorway Pull Up Bars – Unbiased Reviews

Use the models mentioned in this review to do a full workout from the comfort of your own home. All of the bars mentioned are reliable and durable which means that you will enjoy your model for numerous years to come.
November 3, 2021

14 Best Rated Punching Bags for Home – Get Boxing Into Your Workout

If you want to train yet like the comfort of your own home, this review has included all of the durable models that are currently on the market. They're made from shock-resistant materials so you don't have to risk injuries.
November 2, 2021

14 Best Rated Speed Bag Platforms for Home and Gym Use

Workout from the comfort of your home with the help of the platforms included in this review. Every model included in this review has been made from thick materials in order to ensure reliability.
November 1, 2021

11 Best Rated Free Standing Pull Up Bars – Most Effective Upper Body Workout

If you are a fitness enthusiast who doesn't have enough time for an intense workout, then an all-in-one workout station that allows you to do a series of exercises could be a great tool for daily stretch. Check out our top free-standing pull-up bars and discover the most reliable models.
October 30, 2021

10 Best Rated Indoor Cycling Bikes – In-Depth Reviewed

Keeping your fitness level up and your muscles toned can have many benefits in the long run that you might not be aware of right now. Spin bikes are great for an inclusive, exhausting, but undoubtedly worth it exercise. Check out these great models with plenty of interesting features.
October 29, 2021

9 Best Rated Hyperextension Roman Chairs With Comfortable Seat and Leg Holders

When your abs don't look quite the way you want them to and your legs have lost their strength, don't think that you have to spend a ton of money on different gym equipment pieces. Sometimes all you need is one, and the one that can help you with both of those issues is a Roman chair. Check out our list for more details.
October 28, 2021

13 Best Rated Workout Adjustable Weight Benches for The Money

Support your body while mixing, innovating and diversifying your training workout. Different sets of exercises have different requirements as they affect your body in different ways. Thus, to stay in shape, while never straining your body, it is best to use a weight bench.
October 28, 2021

11 Best Rated Push Up Bars for a More Efficiency and Comfortable Use

If you've been wanting to improve your push-up performance but aren't really sure what tools to get to help you, we've got a suggestion and that is push-up stands. No more joint pain and wider movement range will make every push-up better than the last.
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