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Tracey Jones

Fitness Manager + Personal Trainer
EDUCATION:A.A. in Psychology & Sociology, B.S. in Psychology
Kettlebells, Childhood Nutrition, TRX, Tabata
MY TRAINING PHILOSOPHY IS:Functional training for real life circumstances. We all want to enjoy our lives while balancing a healthy lifestyle. I believe we can do both.
MY TRAINING STYLE IS:Functional, Circuit Training, Rehabilitation, Whole Body, Fun

Michelle Geisbauer

Personal Trainer
EDUCATION:A.A. in General Education
MY TRAINING PHILOSOPHY IS:Consistency is the key, and everything in moderation.
MY TRAINING STYLE IS:Make small goals for yourself, they are more attainable.

Kari Spielman

Personal Trainer CERTIFICATIONS: Smart Fitness (NCCPT) Personal Training, CPR SPECIALTIES: Nutrition & Fitness Degree, APEX Supplementation, Kettlebell MY TRAINING PHILOSOPHY IS:I believe health is the number one goal in life. You cannot achieve anything else if you don't have your health. Train and eat for your health and looking good and being strong will be a side effect. Train for life!! MY TRAINING STYLE IS:I am a tough but reasonable trainer. I will keep you achieving your goals and raising the bar so you do not plateau. I will keep you accountable and keep you focused on the positive accomplishments and remind you why you started training.

Loubna Andari

Personal Trainer
SPECIALTIES:TRX, Weight Management
MY TRAINING PHILOSOPHY IS:Balance is everything! Living a healthier lifestyle, and engaging in daily physical activity is the best way to stay healthy and fit.
MY TRAINING STYLE IS:Evolves around my client's needs and goals.

Nicole Graham

Personal Trainer
MY TRAINING PHILOSOPHY IS:Results come from a combination of cardio vascular fitness, resistance training, and good nutrition.
MY TRAINING STYLE IS:Based on an individual's goals and needs.

Jessica Youngstrom

Pilates Trainer SPECIALTIES:Pilates MY TRAINING PHILOSOPHY IS:American culture is made up of a lot of sitting. Sitting at work, sitting in traffic, and sitting at home. This constant state of spinal flexion imbalances the body. I incorporate extension, rotation, and lateral flexion of the spine to make my clients look and feel better! MY TRAINING STYLE IS: Quality not quantity

Andi Capella

Personal Trainer
SPECIALTIES:Circuit Training, Functional Training, Plyometrics, Pre/Post-Natal, Special Populations, Strength & Conditioning
MY TRAINING PHILOSOPHY IS:Don’t limit your challenges – challenge your limits.
MY TRAINING STYLE IS:My training style is different for each client depending on their unique goals and needs. Generally speaking, I focus on educating and inspiring my clients in the safest way in order to reach their goals.

Pam Olson

Pilates Instructor EDUCATION:AA in Psychology, AS in Sports Science CERTIFICATIONS:NASM, National School of Holistic Massage Therapy SPECIALTIES:Pilates, Group Pilates MY TRAINING PHILOSOPHY IS:We work hard so we can be stringer. We work hard so we can play longer. MY TRAINING STYLE IS:Functional, lifestyle improvement. Tough with a touch of compassion.