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Fiona Flumian

Lead personal Trainer
SPECIALTIES:TRX, Group Fitness: Bootcamp
MY TRAINING PHILOSOPHY IS:There isn’t just one way to train, there are many. I help my clients find exactly what works the best for them. I challenge my clients, get them uncomfortable so that they can break their plateau and get faster results.
MY TRAINING STYLE IS:No body is the same. Everyone responds differently. I tailor my training style to the need of every client. No workout is easy with me but you will leave the session proud and accomplished.

Rebecca Osterdyk

Personal Trainer
EDUCATION:B.S. in Nutrition, Health and Wellness
MY TRAINING PHILOSOPHY IS:Work hard and push yourself to be your best.
MY TRAINING STYLE IS:Creative and challenging. I like to use circuit training and free weights to help achieve your goals.

Ashley Walker

Elite Pilates Instructor
EDUCATION:M.A. in Health Education
MY TRAINING PHILOSOPHY IS:I believe each body is unique, so I approach my clients with an open mind. Each person is an expert of their own body and it is the trainers role to provide the support & guidance needed to reach their health and wellness goals.
MY TRAINING STYLE IS:I like to challenge my clients with safe and effective programming.

Mary Koos

Personal Trainer
SPECIALTIES:TRX, Corrective Exercise Specialist
MY TRAINING PHILOSOPHY IS:Organize your priorities and set reasonable time frames for your progress and always stay positive. Let nothing stop you. Not fear, not self-doubt, not excuses. Stay focused and committed.
MY TRAINING STYLE IS:I like variety. I always strive to challenge my clients in a safe and effective way.

Christina Papoulias

Personal Trainer
EDUCATION:B.A. in Speech Communication, M.A. in Health Psychology
SPECIALTIES:Bosu, Core Strength, Pilates, Weight Management, Strength & Conditioning, Group Exercise: Strength Training, Dance, Pilates, Step, Bosu, Bootcamp
MY TRAINING PHILOSOPHY IS:Try it all! You never know what will work or what you will like.
MY TRAINING STYLE IS:Challenging and nurturing. I focus on taking care of both body and mind. They must work together.


Kathy Nahman

Pilates Instructor
EDUCATION:B.A. in Behavioral Science
MY TRAINING PHILOSOPHY IS:Our minds and bodies must work together. We can’t change something until we are aware of it. We can then heal, strengthen, and keep moving!
MY TRAINING STYLE IS:I like people to understand why an exercise is important for them. I want them to understand so they can keep that awareness the other 23 hours they aren’t working with me.

Saundra Ross

Personal Trainer
EDUCATION:A.A in Nursing
SPECIALTIES:Core Strength, Kettlebells, Pre / Post-Natal, Pilates, Recovery / Flexibility, Yoga
MY TRAINING PHILOSOPHY IS:Important to use core centric as well as eccentric movements. Stretching is also a vital part of any workout. Through stretching our muscles release anti-inflammatory hormones.
MY TRAINING STYLE IS:To be a cheerleader and coach