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Mina Keshavarzi

Personal Trainer
SPECIALTIES:Kickboxing, Nutrition, Senior Fitness, Special Populations, Sports Conditioning, Weight Management, Group Exercise: Kickboxing and Corrective Exercise Specialist
MY TRAINING PHILOSOPHY IS:Be fit inside and out.
MY TRAINING STYLE IS:About building their bodies to get them stronger overall.

Laura Christy

Personal Trainer
EDUCATION:B.S. in Exercise Science
SPECIALTIES:Cycle, Functional Training, HIIT, Kickboxing, Pre/Post-Natal, Recovery & Flexibility, Senior Fitness, Special Populations
MY TRAINING PHILOSOPHY IS:Make your gym experience fun! Hard work and dedication always pays off.
MY TRAINING STYLE IS:Based on each individual client’s goals and physical abilities.


Rhea Morales

Personal Trainer
CERTIFICATIONS:ACE SPECIALTIES:Bosu, Core Strngth, Cycle, Functional Training, Nutrition, Pilates, Senior Fitness, Special Populations, Strength & Conditioning, TRX, Weight Management, Therapeutic Exercise, Yoga, Group Exercise: Body Blast, Cycle, Yoga, Mat Pilates, Core, Bootcamp, CSI, Kickboxing. Certified water arthritis, taichi, alexander technique.
MY TRAINING PHILOSOPHY IS: Half science, half intuition. Personal training should be 100% tailored to the individual's goals, needs, personality and potential by an expert who understands behavior and exercise science. MY TRAINING STYLE IS:I draw from my knowledge of exercise science, sports nutrition, and mind body techniques such as chi kung and yoga to find the best approach for the individual client.

Daniela Caesar-Roden

Pilates Instructor
MY TRAINING PHILOSOPHY IS:I believe in quality over quantity. Quality of movements and quality of life.
MY TRAINING STYLE IS:I meet my clients where they are and empower them to make lasting changes through realistic goal setting and accountability.


Teresa Humpherys

Personal Trainer
MY TRAINING PHILOSOPHY IS:I believe people should feel successful at what they're doing whether it is a squat or plank or anything else. When people feel successful they will continue making progress. MY TRAINING STYLE IS:Motivating. I like to challenge people while being motivational at the same time.


Brigitte Press

Elite Personal Trainer
SPECIALTIES:Bosu, Kettlebells, Circuit Training, TRX, Orthopedic, Strength & Conditioning, Shoulder Stabilization, Knee & Hip Placement
MY TRAINING PHILOSOPHY IS:Educating my clients and coach them to their personal best.
MY TRAINING STYLE IS:Personalize towards each person's goals and mobility needs, specializing in geriatrics and injury recovery.

Louanna Cesmat

Elite Pilates Trainer
SPECIALTIES:Bosu, Tabata, Kettlebells, Pilates, Strength & Conditioning, TRX, Jump Board
MY TRAINING PHILOSOPHY IS:Consistency and sensibility are the key components for effective training. Unreasonable demands on the body can cause set-backs and injuries.


Ashley Lucky

Personal Trainer
MY TRAINING PHILOSOPHY IS:The bigger the better. When in doubt go heavier. Consistency builds results! MY TRAINING STYLE IS:High intensity fun training. High heart rate with results.