Total Woman Class Descriptions

20 PLUS: Your complete workout in concentrated segments to address all areas of fitness programming in a well-rounded, 50 minute workout. Segments include creative cardiovascular routines, synchronized strength exercises, and fluid flexibility Core stabilization.

ABS & ASSETS: Make your bottom half your better half with a complete workout aimed at toning and defining the muscles in your midsection, hips, buttocks, and thighs. Get ready to feel great about how you look.

BALL BLAST: Define, tone and strengthen your entire body using the stability ball. Go BALListic with this total body conditioning class.

BALLS, BOSU & PUMP: Get a great muscle building, balance and cardio workout using stability balls, bosu and free weights. This class offers a total body workout!

BARREVITTE: Power, grace, cardio! A dynamic, energizing full body workout incorporating traditional ballet. This class delivers strength, core stability, balance and flexibility as you lengthen and sculpt muscles. Dance sneakers recommended.

BEGINNING CYCLE: This Cycle class will incorporate an outdoor ride with sprints, hills and other terrain but will be geared to YOUR Level. (& Pump) chal­lenging muscle conditioning exercises designed to increase strength and endurance done as an interval class or at the end. Try it! As this class is designed for you! All Levels Welcomed!

BEGINNING YOGA: This class is ideal for seniors, those with limitations, and those new to yoga. Learn yoga poses and modifications that will allow you to be successful in core strengthening and increasing flexibility.

BELLY DANCE: Engage your body in the age-old art of belly dancing to tone muscles and burn calories!

BODY BLAST: Define and strengthen your body in this awesome muscle conditioning class! This workout is designed to define your muscles, build endurance and give you the results you desire!

BODY SHRED: TOTAL WOMAN is delighted to partner with the Jillian Michaels' team to offer the new JILLIAN MICHAELS BODYSHRED class at our clubs. This 30-minute workout is a high intensity and endurance based class that utilizes Jillian's 3-2-1 interval approach:

  • 3 minutes of strength
  • 2 minutes of cardio
  • 1 minute of abs

We know you will dramatically enhance your overall health and athletic performance! Our first three clubs to off this class are Valencia, Glendale and Studio City. Call for class times or click on to the Group Fit Schedules for each location: 

Valencia | Glendale
Mission ValleyStudio City

BOLLYWOOD: This dance class is a combination of popular dance from Punjab, India and the Bollywood style from Mumbai, India. It will get your heart rate up and your spirit soaring as you groove to its unconventional counts and beat-driven rhythms.

BOOT CAMP: Reap the benefits of this ultimate calorie-burning workout, which combines the best of cross-training conditioning with speed drills, plyometrics, and power exercising. A complete workout with the benefits of camaraderie and social support. All levels welcome.

BOSU: Enjoy a exciting workout on a unique piece of equipment! This innovative class will help you strengthen your core, improve balance, build muscular endurance, and burn calories. (& BANDS) Incorporate bands to work the whole muscle, including the stabilizers where free weights or machines cop out! (& PILATES): A popular non-impact format that focuses on proper core training to improve muscle strength and length, mobility, stabilization and body alignment. Find out how great it feels! A total body workout. Suitable for all levels.

BOSU, BANDS & HOOP: Enjoy a exciting workout on a unique piece of equipment! This innovative class will help you strengthen your core, improve bal­ance, build muscular endurance, and burn calories. (& BANDS) Incorporate bands to work the whole muscle, including the stabilizers where free weights or machines cop out! (& HOOP) Incorporate Hula Hooping to wake up and tone your core ~ as intervals or in the last half of the class.

BOSU BLAST: (& BALLS) Define, tone and strengthen your entire body using the stability ball. (& BAR) incorporate Body Bars into this full body workout. It’s BOSU with a B-L-A-S-T! A total body workout suitable for all levels.

CARDIO DANCE FUSION: Meant to be fun and creative, this class includes cardio, strength and flexibility moves. It's freestyle fusion of dance, martial arts, flexibility, balance, coordination, and individual levels of self expression make it the perfect class for all levels of participants.

CARDIO KICK: A truly energetic workout where elements of traditional kickboxing are combined with low and/or high impact moves to tone the muscles and get the heart going!

CARDIO MIX: Never get bored. This cardio workout combines two to four cardio formats that may include step, kickbox, low impact and/or cycle. Class format changes every time. Abs and stretching always included. Get out of that rut!

CORE FUSION: Yoga and Pilates based movements are "fused" with standing balance work, traditional abdominal exercises and flowing stretches to help you achieve long, lean muscles and a flexible youthful body. This comprehensive core workout will leave you feeling strong and refreshed!

C.S.I.: (cardio/strength interval workout) This cardio/strength combination class alternates strength exercises to sculpt every major muscle group with easy to follow cardio moves incorporating one or more of the following: hi/low, step, cardio drills.

CYCLE: A workout without comparison! Simulating an outdoor ride complete with sprints, hill climbs and other ter­rain, this interval training class will definitely get your heart pumping!

CYCLE & CORE: A combination of two great workouts! A heart pumping cycle workout combined with a 30 minute Core strengthening segment makes this a great overall class. Simulating an outdoor ride complete with sprints, hill climbs and other terrain, this interval training class will definitely get your heart pumping!

CYCLE & PUMP: Begin with a fast paced cycle interval training class, then move on to finish the class with a challenging set of resistance training exercises. The best of both worlds! Sign up in person no more than 30 minutes prior to class to ensure a bike!

drumsalivelogo100DRUMS ALIVE: People who drum become noticeable calmer, balanced and less stressed. Join this fun program that increases the heart rate as in traditional aerobic training and has been shown to improve the neurological pathways between the right and left brain hemispheres which can lead to improved concen­tration and increased sensory and motor abilities.

FLEXIBILITY: A wonderful stretch for the entire body.

GENTLE YOGA: Gentle yoga poses are designed to restore and re-energize the body, mind and spirit. Great after a long day or week!

GROOVE: A unique and revolutionary workout that allows you to train your body the perfect way, YOUR WAY! Experience SIMPLE, FUN and creative ways to develop spatial awareness, functional strength, flexibility, coordination, cardio vascular endurance, balance and much more. All workouts should be this FUN!

HATHA YOGA: Stretching, deep breathing, relaxation, and healing visualizations are used to facilitate release of physical and emotional tension, increase flexibility and improve balance.

HIP HOP: Fun moves, fun music. The latest dance moves are broken down and built in a fashion that allows everyone to follow with ease. So jam through a class of tight grooves and cool moves. No experience needed.

HIP HOP HUSTLE™: So, you think you CAN’T dance? This class is based on very easy to follow dance steps with non-stop movement. No experience required! You will have so much fun you will forget you are working out! Get ready to HUSTLE!

HOOP-ERCISE: Remember when you hula hooped as a child? This low impact hoop aerobic workout will tone your abs, increase cardiovascular stamina, strengthen core muscles and includes upper body as well. Get ready to swirl, twirl, and trim your way into a fun and exciting workout.

IMPACT KICKBOXING: A high-energy, advanced class designed to help you break through fitness plateaus! This challenging class utilizes heavy bags and gloves to ensure that you get a total body workout! Must have gloves to use bags.

insanity100INSANITY: Push yourself past your comfort zone with max interval training! Work flat out in 3 to 5 minute blocks, with only a few seconds to break, it keeps your body working at maximum capacity through the entire workout. You keep pushing your limits, so your body has to adapt and change! Exercises include; plyometrics, athletic sports drills, upper body resistance, cardio, intense abdominal training and recovery. All levels are welcome as all exercises can be modified.

JAMMIN' TO THE OLDIES: Get a great cardio workout while movin' and groovin' to the oldies. Music and popular dance moves from the 50s, 60s and 70s.

JUST STRETCH: In this 30 minute class you will concentrate on flexibility and stretching.

KICK & ABS: Tone your body while getting a great cardio workout! Traditional kickboxing combined with a core strengthening abs workout make this class the best of both worlds!

LATINVA DANCE FITNESS: Latinva Dance Fitness is a revolutionary cardio dance fitness program which incorporates Latin-inspired dance steps as the foundation. It's a thrilling & amazing cardio dance workout that will exercise your mind, body and spirit. Enjoy as you move naturally to the beat & rhythm of high energy dance moves to lively latin and International music. Let Latinva guide you to a healthier dance step at a time.

LIGHT & FIT: Geared for our members who want to stay fit but are looking for some light moves. This class will involve some light resistance training and cardio.

LOW IMPACT: If you are new to aerobics or returning from a break, this class is for you! It’s a great workout with fun moves, clear breakdowns, and special attention. Rev up your metabolism with 35 minutes of cardio followed by toning and stretch. Traditional low impact moves are combined to create this great cardio workout ALL LEVELS WELCOME!

LOW & PUMP: Burn fat and improve overall fitness with this amazing class! Begin with an intense & easy to follow cardio segment followed by challenging muscle-conditioning exercises designed to increase strength and endurance

LOWER BODY BLAST: Make your bottom half your better half with balanced moves and resistance training to refine, define and strengthen your abs and legs! This class will help you enhance your most challenging area!

MAT PILATES: An anatomically based class inspired by the Joseph Pilates method. Emphasizes body awareness while building strength and flexibility without excess bulk. Create a sleek, toned body with slender thighs and a flat abdomen. All levels welcome!

PILOXING: This class blends Pilates core work with boxing moves and bouncing footwork to burn calories, melt fat, and sculpt muscles. It uses the principals of interval training, varying intense with moderate effort, to achieve great results.

POWER YOGA: A challenging mind/body adventure emphasizing breathing techniques and flow of postures. Sculpt a leaner, stronger body while releasing stress and fatigue.

R.I.P.P.E.D: Resistance, Interval, Power, Plyometrics, Endurance, Diet. These components will shock your body with an incredible and fun workout!

SALSA: A fun filled sizzlin dance class for all levels. Move your feet and hips to the latest Latin rhythms for a great cardiovascula workout. Come and get a little spicy!

SIT 'N' FIT: Fitness for the young at heart and/or those that may have been previously sedentary. Each class involves balance, flexibility, cardio, and functional strength training. This class may use a variety of equipment which is all optional so you can work at your own level.

STEP: Low impact movements performed on and off of a step platform are geared at optimizing your ability to burn fat. Easy to follow routines. Can be enjoyed by any fitness level.

STEP & BALL: A great cardio and stability ball class! Begin with a step segment to get your heart pumping and end with toning and strength training through use of the stability ball.

STEP CAMP: This class is a great combination of upbeat step choreographies and the strength & endurance training of Boot Camp. Enjoy a great overall workout!

STEP & KICK: An ultimate fat burning, muscle building workout with step and kick boxing moves fused together - designed to give you a great workout!

STEP & PILATES: Get a great cardio and core workout in one class! Begin with a step segment geared at increasing cardiovascular fitness and end with a Pilates workout that emphasizes body awareness while building core strength, and flexibility. All levels welcome!

STEP & PUMP: Get a great cardio and muscle-conditioning workout in one class! Begin with a step segment geared at increasing cardiovascular fitness and end with challenging resistance-training exercises.

STEP & PUMP INTERVAL: Experience the ultimate workout in this in awesome class! Alternating sets of intense step combinations and muscle resistance exercises are guaranteed to give you an overall body workout!

TAI-CHI: A Martial Arts class that is characterized by soft, slow, flowing movements that are performed with precision. It emphasizes relaxation and is a form of meditation in motion. This class will help you to increase your flow of internal energy through therapeutic breathing and mental concentration.

turbokicklogoTKB (TURBOKICK KICKBOXING): Lots of calorie burning with one of the hottest workouts around! Self-defense moves, boxing, kicks are all incorporated into this intense cardio class! Intermediate to advanced levels welcome!

TNT CARDIO: An exhilarating fat burning program with a fun & effective mix of cardio-based movements. Hi impact and low impact intensity options are given for all fitness levels.

TOTAL BODY CUTS: Get energized with motivating music and dynamic resistance training exercises. This awesome workout is specially designed to help you burn fat and increase muscular endurance! Come and enjoy resistance training with a beat!!

WALKING WORKOUT: Head outdoors for a fun and effective workout that can be done by everybody! Tighten, tone and shed some pounds! We will keep a brisk pace and include intervals of strength to provide a complete full body program. Enjoy camaraderie as you improve overall health, fitness and wellness.

zumbalogo200ZUMBA: This class will really get your heart beating and your hips shaking. Zumba is a fusion of Latin and international music with exciting unique moves utilizing the principles of fitness interval training with easy to follow dance steps. You will not want to miss this FUN workout!

zumbagold200ZUMBA GOLD: A lighter side of Zumba but with the same Latin flavor and fabulous music! This class is excellent for members who want to have a fun, light workout with easy-to follow choreography. The last 20 min. of class will be dedicated to muscle conditioning, balance, and strength.

ZUMBA AND PUMP: Get your heart beating and your hips shaking with a Zumba workout and finish up with a challenging set of resistance training exercises.



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